Movie Plot – Jolt: A bouncer with a mild murderous anger management problem that she controls using an electrode-lined vest by shocking herself back to normal when she becomes homicidal.

Director: Tanya Wexler
Writer: Scott Wascha
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Jai Courtney, Stanley Tucci


‘Jolt’ tells the story of Lindy, a female powerhouse with a personality problem. A difficult childhood and past full of medical and social experimentation have fueled her anger and violence and created a deep-seated aversion to injustice. Lindy grows up to be an above-average woman who works as a bouncer in a nightclub. But she continues to struggle with hulking rages that bubble up regularly. To control these manifestations of blind rage, Lindy wears a special electrode suit that suppresses her rages. But when one of her few friends is killed, Lindy gives her murderous impulses free rein. The goal: ultimate revenge.

‘Jolt’ is a film that taps from several cinematic vessels. Hardcore brawls, dizzying chases, a heavy dose of humor, a few eccentric characters and some scenes that boldly deal with physical laws in a way that borders on science fiction: these elements are all there, and together they create a film full of adrenaline and hardcore action that leaves little room for the viewer to catch his breath in between.

A lot of these new action films remind me of the John Wick saga. It’s like that movie set out new many possibilities for action flicks. They all take some inspiration and I can’t seem to help but feel like Jolt heavily got inspired by it.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, who has traded in her characteristic dark locks for a blonde haircut, is perfectly at home in this film. In the Underworld series she has repeatedly shown that she can hold her own in action movies where the (anti) heroine on duty has to fight a tough battle. Although the film certainly has fun and exciting moments and Beckinsale delivers an excellent performance, ‘Jolt’ as a whole is somewhat disappointing. A major problem is that the film is rather unbalanced. Many scenes seem to have been crammed into the film at random as if someone came up with a last-minute idea that the producers and director quickly incorporated.

After a slightly too-long intro with a voice-over, the film seems to be going in the right direction: a fun mix of action and humor that is quite appealing unfolds. After the nice overture, the film unfortunately quickly degenerates into a sometimes confusing jumble of barely explored characters. In addition, it’s never really clear whether Lindy has superpowers or is just driven by an excess of cortisol.


‘Jolt’ begins as a promising action film but unfortunately fails to maintain that level. I had hopes for a fun movie at first, but boredom set in after the first half.