Movie Plot – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: An ancient prophecy seems to be coming true when a mysterious presence begins stalking the hallways of a school of magic, leaving its victims paralyzed.

Director: Chris Columbus
Writers: J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Richard Harris, Maggie Smith

Second year of Hogwarts

Harry Potter is warned just before his second year at Hogwarts School by the elf Dobby that his return to the school will lead to disaster. But Harry goes anyway and discovers that he is still hated by Professor Snape and his classmate Draco Malfoy. When some Hogwarts students are found petrified at one point, everyone wonders who or what caused this.

There is an immediate improvement in certain areas. The story forms a more coherent whole, and the actors have grown in their roles. Someone like Rickman stood out in the previous film as a caricature of Snape in the book, but finds the right tone this time. Radcliffe has had the necessary growth spurt; however, he still stands out from the fledgling adolescent Tom Felton. Rupert Grint is just entertainingly good. And as tragic as the passing of Harris is, his portrayal of Dumbledore isn’t all that thunderous, falling a bit flat at times.


Harry Potter, in addition to fantasy entertainment, also tries to address more severe issues such as, for example, racism (reference to mudblood, a swear name for someone from a Muggle family). Identity plays an important role here. Meritocracy – participation based on merit or talent – over aristocracy or plutocracy though not everyone shares that opinion. The tension curve is kept high throughout the film.

The Malfoys are probably the most racist family I’ve ever seen in the Harry Potter franchise. They only respect the purebloods. If one of your parents is a non-wizard, well, then you’re trash to them.

Also, I’ve noticed that they keep on accusing people. Harry Potter gets accused because he always found out when someone got petrified. In addition, someone opened the Chamber of Secrets, and without any real proof, they started to point at someone.

It’s a mystery

One of my favorite elements of the Harry Potter movies is the sense of mystery. Take that and mix it up with a magical world and you get a massive fanbase! The focus in the second Harry Potter film is more on the mystery than the actual magic, which I slightly prefer.

Many questions are wondering in your head when you watch it for the first time, like who opened the door to the Chamber of Secrets? What’s in it? Is Voldemort going to be part of this film? Why are students staying in a school that’s clearly not safe? Well, that last question is one you can ask yourself in every movie. Obviously, I’ve already seen the film in the past, so I already knew all the answers like the majority. However, this doesn’t keep away from the fact that it still entertains me.

Some of my favorite parts

We got our first introduction to Dobby, the house-elf. I always enjoyed that little fellah, however, he doesn’t have that much screentime. The CGI looked better when I was a kid. Now, it’s crap compared to the CGI we have.

Another great addition was the wizard duels. This was without a doubt my favorite part of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. It’s the first time we see Harry confront Malfoy with spells, and that’s not all. We also got an incredible scene that still gives me chills down my spine. However, I can’t spoil it for the ones who haven’t seen it yet.

Other great parts were the quidditch game, car scenes, spider scenes, and the polyjuice potions!


“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is a magical world full of mystery, magic, and amazing and terrible creatures. For the second time, we step into the wizarding world. Enjoy the music, gothic entourage, Hogwarts, and immutable heroes in the fight against evil.