Movie Plot – Robocop (1987): a cop gets heavily injured during and wakes up as a powerful cyborg.

Director: Paul Verhoeven
Writers: Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner
Stars: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O’Herlihy, Kurtwood Smith, Ronny Cox

So much violence in Robocop (1987)

I watched this film as a kid. And I’m still amazed that I can’t seem to remember how bloody Robocop (1987) was. I knew that Murphy’s origin story was bloody. Mainly because the villains shoot him down with a lot of bullets. Damn, those scenes were very violent. The villains didn’t give a shit at all. I know I would shit my pants in his place.

Also, I’ve recently watched Bloodshot. That movie’s origin story is similar to RoboCop.

The film takes place in a futuristic Detroit, which is basically like Gotham, where there is a lot of crime. Therefore, some people are looking for new solutions. First, Jones, a company leader, introduced the ED 209 to fight against crime and arrest people. But, it had a malfunction during its presentation, causing it to shoot someone down brutally. What also amazed me by this scene is that no one seems to care that a guy just died.

My honest thoughts

I’m not going to lie. RoboCop wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be. I have to clarify, the movie isn’t bad. It is just an okay movie.

I liked that the actors weren’t that famous, to begin with. For the most part, I thought Peter Weller did a terrific job playing RoboCop. Although I have to admit that having robotic movements makes it cheesy. I know its part of who he is, but I rather see movements like in iRobot.

The special effects were okay, however, sometimes they looked weird. Like in the next scene (contains spoilers)= *When the villain falls out of the window, his arms are super long.* Even the ED 209 felt like they copied paste a video into the film.

And I was happy to see Kurtwood Smith in this film. Everyone knows him from that’s 70 show as the dad who wants to kicks Eric’s ass. But, oh man, I loved his performance in this one. He’s so menacing and evil. In fact, he was my favorite character of RoboCop (1987). There was one scene that kind of let me down with him, and that was the first face off between RoboCop and him.

The suit is incredible. I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s one of the best superhero outfits of its time.


RoboCop (1987) is a fun watch, but I won’t call it a masterpiece. I hoped the movie was better than my expectations. Unfortunately, it is not.