Movie Plot – Predator: A Predator vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of commandos, who were on a mission in Central America.

Director: John McTiernan
Writers: Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Kevin Peter Hall, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke, Richard Chaves

It’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

First of all, this is an Arnold Schwarzenneger film. If you never liked Arnold, then you probably shouldn’t watch it because it’s focused on him. Well, it’s not only about him, as we also have his squad.

Expect a lot of bad puns, muscles, and cringy dialogue. Arnold’s acting, while he’s speaking, is terrible. However, it makes the film funnier. With that said, Arnold is doing what he does best, and that is getting into action. And having him face the Predator is a wise decision. Because if you need someone to take down the Predator, then it should be one of the following actors: Chuck Norris or Arnold Schwarzenneger.

Arnold plays a character named Dutch, who is the leader of his squad. He and his team of special force ops team up with a CIA Man for a rescue mission. They have to save survivors of a helicopter crash in the jungle. It doesn’t take a long time before Dutch discover they were on a mission under false pretenses. Unfortunately, the deception was the least of their worries when they find themselves hunted by something unknown.

The Predator is hunting

I have to give this film credits for the design of the Predator. It looks so cool with all his armor and gadgets. After all, it uses all of his equipment for hunting. Well, he is super cool until he takes his mask off, then he’s one ugly motherf**ker.

Believe me. You don’t want to be hunted by a Predator. It’s like a human hunting a deer, but worse. You feel powerless as they can turn invisible, but also their weapons are more advanced. On top of that, they take out your skull as a trophy. And also, they can remove your entire skin.

And, the Predator is hunting the team for sports. As it’s all fun and games for it, it doesn’t kill them all at once. Instead, it takes his time. That makes the film more exciting, and you keep wondering when his next victim will be.

Fun Fact: there is a helicopter guy in this film, and he’s also the one who plays the Predator.

The Squad

Well, I had some favorite characters in his team. And yes, I’m aware that they’re all in the movie, just to be killed off by the Predator. But some of them were really likable.

My favorite one is Billy (Sonny Landham.) He may not say a lot, but he was the only one who was alert from the start. And he looks like a great guy. He even has one of the best face-offs with the Predator.

Quote of Billy

Billy : I’m scared Poncho.
Poncho : Bullshit. You ain’t afraid of no man.
Billy : There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die.

Movie Quote

Mac (Bill Duke) was another character who I enjoyed. Which is weird, because I really hated him in the TV show “Black Lightning.” However, in this film, he was an honorable soldier. For a moment, I thought to myself that this guy could take out the Predator.

Predator vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Predator vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The action in Predator is fast, furious, and without mercy. The commandos are killed one by one, making the team smaller every time it kills. That also makes the surviving members extremely terrified.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in his game when it gets intense. He really looks like a fearless macho man with guns. His acting skills are maybe wack, but his screen presence is on point.

During the third act, it’s more like a face of. I would even name it Predator vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger. And you can clearly see the difference of powers between them. Arnold may be a muscular guy, but he has to fight the Predator with his brains. All this makes up for an exciting fight.


I’ve watched the Predator for the first time, and I loved it. I’m always hesitant when it comes to movie classics, as some movies don’t age well. But that’s not the case for this one as it’s still highly enjoyable! Even if you have never seen it!


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