Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors and that’s why I decided to make a list with all Christopher Nolan’s movies ranked. In my opinion, he did not make one single lousy movie.

There are 2 movies that I have not seen from him:

  • Following
  • Insomnia

I will exclude those movies from this list. If I happen to see one of them later on, I will add them in this ranking.

Only movies he directed will be included.

Christopher Nolan’s movies ranked


8. The Dark Knight Rises

The last film of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

I remember leaving the movie theatre and being satisfied with the ending of Nolan’s Trilogy. Although I have to admit that the two other movies were better.

Watching that scene in the plane still gives me the chills. It’s so damn good.


7. Interstellar

I’m now at number 7, and this list is already becoming difficult to rank.

Many people complained about some directions this movie took. But, honestly, I thought they were just fine. Yes, the ending could have been different, but I loved the twist.

It even made me emotional.

Despite me for loving it, Interstellar could be frustrating to some viewers. But hey, you can’t please everyone!


6. Memento

Maybe not his first movie, but “Memento” definitely showed the audience the greatness of this prominent filmmaker.

It was through this film that Nolan has been proved to be an excellent storyteller.

Memento blew my mind by having the entire film to be told backward.  (the last scene is actually the first one.)


5. Batman Begins

I’m a sucker for origin stories. And Batman is still my favorite superhero!

So having the two mixed together is pure happiness for me.

Batman Begins was not only the beginning of the trilogy, but it also brought Nolan’s fame into the general public. It’s how I got to know this fantastic movie director.

It’s insane how a superhero film nowadays can make you famous instantly.

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4. The Prestige

A good mixture of magic, the art of filmmaking, and Nolan’s personal touch!

I have seen this film without knowing it was directed by Christopher Nolan. It just happened that I was zapping on my tv and “The Prestige” was on.

You have two top-notch actors, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, going toe-to-toe for having the best magic trick ever.


3. The Dark Knight

This is still one of my favorite superhero movies.

We will all remember Heath Ledger for crushing it as the Joker. Oh boy, that took us by surprise! May he rest in peace.

I love it when there is a darker tone in a superhero movie. It feels more real to me, and so did the Nolan trilogy. Also, this opened doors to other studio’s for making more and better hero movies.

Nolan will always be remembered the most for giving us “The Dark Knight.”


2. Dunkirk

I was utterly blown away by Dunkirk.

The score, the visuals, they all gave me a feeling of anxiety on a new level. And, this is not even a horror movie. I have never felt such fear through a war movie.

The use of different periods is also insane. Nolan doesn’t even mention it, he just trusts the audience to put the pieces together.


1. Inception

A dream within a dream within a dream!

You can’t miss one second while watching this masterpiece. Otherwise, you will probably get lost in the story.

Inception remains Nolan’s highest-grossing non-Batman picture. It proved that Christopher Nolan is a prestigious blockbuster filmmaker.

When I think back about this film, I immediately reimagine the hallway fight scene in my head. I just love the concept so much that I will leave a video down below.

Is your list totally different?


There is no definitive top 10 list of his movies. I have checked other blogs and websites as a comparison, and they were all different.

Christopher Nolan’s movies are hard to rank, even for me. I also had to switch some while making this post.

What is your favorite Nolan movie?