Movie Plot – Blade: Trinity: Blade is now a wanted man by the FBI. As a result, he must join forces with the Nightstalkers to confront his most challenging enemy ever: Dracula.

Director: David S. Goyer
Writers: David S. Goyer
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Parker Posey, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds

The end of a trilogy

The first ‘Blade’ was fun to watch and the second one was even better received. However, this third ‘Blade’ film misses the mark entirely by presenting a succession of mind-numbing action scenes that are entertaining at best but mostly silly. I also felt a significant lack of Blade itself due to the introduction of two new characters and Wesley Snipes’ drug use during the film. Yep, he was frequently stoned while filming this movie.

It was a real pity, because beforehand it looked like it could be something else. This time vampire hunter Blade was equipped with two helpers, namely the joker Hannibal and the sexy Abigail. A comedic note and a tough babe. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a negative addition. Ryan Reynolds certainly has some funny lines like Hannibal, but this doesn’t lift the film to an acceptable level. Jessica Biel is on a roll as Abigail, a presumably Lara Croft-based action heroine. But even her breathtaking beauty can’t make this film captivating.


The trio of heroes fight a gang of vampires led by one Drake, a reincarnation of Dracula himself. This originally Arab bloodsucker is called to life by the vampires, thousands of years after his death, and guess what? He doesn’t even look like Dracula! The role of Drake is played by the young muscleman Dominic Purcell. This one is completely miscast since just a muscular body does not exude a threat or authority of Dracula’s caliber. I’ve never perceived him as Dracula but rather as a strong vampire.

There was also the first encounter with Blade where he tried to flee. However, that part didn’t make any sense to me. If you want to get rid of Blade and you’re so powerful as everyone says you are. Why don’t you just attack him instead of running away?

The fighting scenes in the last part were the highlight of the film. I genuinely enjoyed these especially the one with Blade. Even the fights of the other two were enjoyable. At this moment, I just wanted to get some action and I got some at the end.


Blade: Trinity disappointed me quite a bit. The first two were exciting, with snappy dialogue, impressive villains and most importantly, a hero, the man himself, Blade.