You know the feeling when a movie ends with a cliffhanger for a sequel movie, but then it turns out it’s not coming. Yes, we all know it. Sometimes movies don’t get their sequels, while some are looking forward to them. Any film that gives something of a reason for a sequel may be included in this list.

You will notice that there is a particular similar trend in this list. Largely, this is about comic book movies where many fans were hoping for a sequel anyway. Of course, this is also a personal list and since I am a comic book fan myself, I can’t help but include them.

Batman Continues

At first, Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were going to make another sequel after Batman Returns. However, due to studio interferences, Burton and Keaton left the projects as they were no longer interested.

The studio wanted a more child-friendly approach to sell toys. Therefore, the tone of the films had to be changed and we eventually got Batman Forever by the director Joel Schumacher. Tim’s Sequel was going to be darker and better suited for the character. Michael Keaton wanted to explore its character on a deeper level. I believe they had promising stories to tell through Batman. Unfortunately, we will never know how this film was going to turn out.µ

Green Lantern 2

I know that Green Lantern isn’t the best movie and is considered to be terrible. However, I can’t help the fact that I was looking forward to a sequel as the first one ended on a cliffhanger. There was an end-credit scene where Sinestro took a yellow ring and became the villain who we all know. I really wanted to see a great Green Lantern film with Sinestro as the villain. So yeah, it made me sad when I knew there wasn’t going to be any sequel.

I should say that I haven’t lost hope! With the DCEU, I hope we’re going to get a Green Lantern (Corps) movie which hopefully will exceed my expectations. I would be glad if they made a film with more human lanterns, especially with John Stewart.

Warcraft 2

When I was a teenager, I’ve spent hours playing World of Warcraft and played it for three or four years. Sometimes, I do tend to think it was a waste of time as I was addicted. Despite that, I loved the lore behind this world and I can’t deny it even until this day.

When they’ve announced the first Warcraft film, I was hoping for an entire franchise with three or more movies. Now, the movie wasn’t well-received by critics, but I still had a great time with it. The ending suggested there was going to come to a sequel. Unfortunately, we’ve never heard a word about it anymore.

Rush Hour 4

The Rush Hour films during the 1990s were comedy gold. I wouldn’t even know how many times I rewatched these movies. Did you know there were plans for a Rush Hour 4? At the time, I didn’t know myself and found this out years later after the fact.

Most of the reasons for the cancellation are unknown. It was probably due to the mixed reception and poor box office results of Rush Hour 3. Still, I see it as a missed opportunity. On the other hand, too much can be too much. Still, I would have liked to have seen it.

The Amazing Spider-man 3

Today I have huge mixed feelings about this. The Amazing Spider-man movies were not well received by critics and fans. I loved Andrew Garfield as Spider-man, and I also loved the romance between him and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). The second movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, so don’t shoot me for liking it.

The reason I have mixed feelings about this is that I really wanted to see how his Spider-Man handled it after the death of Gwen Stacy. In addition, they also gave us glimpses of the Sinister Six, who we really wanted to see in action. On the other hand, we soon have “Spider-Man: No Way Home” coming out soon and where they’re using the multiverse. So this, in turn, gives more opportunities that we might not have had, should there be an Amazing Spider-man 3.

Hellboy 3

Fans hoped for years that Guillermo Del Toro would direct a 3rd Hellboy movie to finish his trilogy. Sadly, it did not come and eventually, Hellboy was even rebooted with David Harbour in the role.

We will never see Guillermo Del Toro’s vision for his final film again. Given that a story was conceived, director Guillermo del Toro wanted to turn it into a comic. However, Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, has indicated that it will not be made. He said that comics should stay comics and are complicated enough to have two different interpretations of the same character.

Kick-Ass 3

The first Kick-Ass movie was excellent, the second I also liked, but a little less. Episode 2, which could count on Jim Carry, did not live up to the expectations of the general public. If most of the fans were satisfied, the meager 60 million dollars at the worldwide box-office did not promise the best.

Matthew Vaughn never closed the door to a third episode. He even wanted to make a spin-off on the character of Hit-Girl. But actress Chloë Grace Moretz has already said she is no longer interested in the role. So it seems to be the end of that story. However, maybe one day we will get a reboot or even a tv show about kick-ass!

The Mask 2 (Jim Carrey’s version)

At the time, The Mask was very well received by both audiences and critics and also earned Carrey his first Golden Globe nomination. Despite this success and a $10 million offer, the actor declined to return for a second film about Stanley Ipkiss. Instead, we got Son of The Mask, which did not live up to expectations.

However, during a recent interview with, he revealed that he now has ears for a sequel. On one condition: if the director has a good clear vision about the character. At the time, he thought a sequel was unnecessary and illogical.