If you are a big fan of fantasy films, then you are probably also a fan of the epic story of Lord Of Th Rings. Of course, as we watch the movies, this is sort of a summary of their crusade. Have you ever wondered how long it actually took the characters themselves? Was it days? Months? Years?

In walking hours

If the Lord of the Rings trilogy is about one thing, it’s walking because that’s the way Frodo and Sam get around.

Fortunately, there was a brave fan who mapped out the entire journey and compared the distances to scale with the map of Britain. In all, 2160 kilometers were hiked, which is a 440-hour hike. No wonder Gollum had one nervous breakdown after another because he was dragged along against his will.

Their hiking routes were as follows:

  • From Hobbiton to Bree was 192 kilometers or 40 hours of walking.
  • From Bree to Rivendell was 480 km or 90 hours of hiking.
  • From Rivendell to Moria is a distance of 280 km or 60 hours.
  • From Lorien to Amon Hen is 480 km or 90 hours of hiking.
  • From Amon Hen to Black Gate is 256 km walking or 50 hours.
  • From the Black Gate to Minas Morgul would be 176 km or 35 hours.
  • And finally, the trek from Cirith Ungol to Mount Doom was a 112 km walk or 25 hours.

Frodo and Sam’s Journey

On T.A. 3018, September 23, Frodo and Sam left the Shire, heading for the Pony, where they would meet Gandalf The Grey. Along the way, they pick up Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, who travel happily with them.

Eventually, they are taken under the wing of Aragorn, then known only as “Strider,” and he decides to take them to Rivendell. That’s where, on T.A. 3018, December 18, the Fellowship of the Ring is founded. Anyway, you could say the Fellowship was in bad shape, because a month or two later, with very little accomplished, they had lost two members and the two most vulnerable and inexperienced travelers had to complete the quest alone. Somehow the two brave hobbits succeed, with the help of Smeagol, who acts as their guide.

On T.A. 3019, March 15, the two hobbits officially enter Mordor after escaping the Tower of Cirith Ungol after Shelob stabbed the ring bearer. According to the LOTR Project, it takes them ten days to traverse the plains of Mordor, impersonate Orcs, and finally reach the Doom Mountain.

On T.A. 3019, March 25, Th day that the ring is finally destroyed. However, Gollum managed to bite Frodo’s finger off. 

How much time did it take in total?

From the time they left The Shire, it took the two hobbits six months to complete their quest. Frodo eventually left Middle-earth because he was ill – he resigned as deputy mayor of The Shire and sailed west to the Immortal Lands.

Meanwhile, Samwise Gamgee accomplished a long, three-year entrée and married Rosie Cotton. Together they had 13 children and he was eventually appointed mayor of The Shire, surpassing Frodo’s previous role.