Movie Plot – The Incredibles: A family of undercover superheroes, trying to live the quiet life in the suburbs, is forced into action to save the world.

Director: Brad Bird
Writer: Brad Bird
Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee, Sarah Vowell, Elizabeth Peña, Spencer Fox

A superhero family

The story, which revolves around a family of superheroes, is cleverly crafted. Set in a futuristic-looking past, the prologue gives us a glimpse of the golden age of Supers, such as Mr. Incredible. Worshipped by peace-loving citizens and backed by the government, he and his colleagues, including the dainty Elastigirl, ensure that villains like the French supervillain Bomb Voyage end up behind bars.

However, the tide turns when the envy of the common man is around the corner. Suddenly it rains indictments against the Supers, who appear to have caused not only great good but also small suffering. Under pressure from the government, one hero after another disappears into the Superhero Relocation Program to live a life of anonymity as an ordinary citizen.

For fifteen years, Bob and Helen Parr live as an average couple. Bob works for an insurance company, Helen is a housewife, and they have three children: Violet, an insecure adolescent, the hyperactive Dash, and baby Jack Jack. Dash would love to compete in athletics, but his parents won’t let him; he’d smash every world record and force the whole family to go back into hiding somewhere else. Everybody’s special, his mother tries to soothe him, but Dash sees through the cliché: Which is another way of saying that nobody is. In addition, Bob is also frustrated; sighing, he stares at newspaper clippings from the time when he, the immensely strong Mr. Incredible, could save the world every week.

Let’s be superheroes again

We all know that Mr. Incredible will return, that Helen will become Elastigirl again against all odds, and that their children will also get the chance to finally discover what they are capable of. With this almost agonizing build-up, Bird raises our expectations sky-high, only to blow us away after all.

As a viewer, you experience a tremendous sense of liberation when The Incredibles finally breaks loose, a feeling that is crowned by that priceless moment when Dash has to run as fast as he can for the first time in his life, and finds out how fast he really is. How would you be if you had powers, but you couldn’t use them?

Full of humor and love

The humor flows from the story and characters, who are often more believable than their counterparts in live-action superhero films. Helen aka Elastigirl especially captures the imagination thanks to an excellent Holly Hunter, with her combination of maternal warmth and steely fearlessness.

In The Incredibles, there are many fun moments that bring a smile to your face. Even Samuel L. Jackson has a supporting role in this movie and his scenes are great and hilarious. Do you know who’s also hilarious? Edna, who designs all the costumes! She’s the best! However, it is the warm moments that make it so real. You feel the love they have for each other through the screen through their concern, protection and even their arguments.


The bond between the family members is depicted as realistically as possible and the interactions are real and sometimes heartwarming. This is an animated superhero movie where passion shines through. The Incredibles is, as the title suggests, incredible!