Movie Plot – The Tomorrow War: A family man is called to fight in a future war in which the fate of humanity depends on his ability to face the past.

Director: Chris McKay
Writer: Zach Dean
Cast: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin

A mixture of movies

You can clearly see that “The Tomorrow War” takes inspiration from multiple films. Just think of Edge of Tomorrow, War of the Worlds and Alien. Yet, in each case, this is done with a love for the sci-fi genre.

Chris Pratt plays an ex-soldier who now makes a living as a biology teacher. Like everyone else, he, his wife and his little daughter don’t know what they’re in for when suddenly visitors arrive from the future: warriors from 2051 come to warn humanity of an upcoming war with monstrous aliens. Only if brave men and women from 2021 allow themselves to be transported through time to fight against the invading force, might our race have a chance to survive.

So within thirty years, time travel is invented: that’s huge! But in this film, it is an afterthought and purely a mechanism to advance the story. So don’t ask yourself too many questions about whether it would all make sense.

Horrible monsters

The writers work very clearly toward the situation that takes up most of the film: Pratt fighting the aliens in the future, along with someone he knows from the past, played by Yvonne Strahovski. The way to get there is rather clunky, but the film gains momentum once we get to this point. Pratt and Strahovski make a fine duo and go head-to-head against the aliens. They are also really beautifully designed, hideous monsters, of which you immediately believe that they can easily dominate humans. I would definitely be afraid of them.

You may well find the film a little too long because there is still a good half hour after the part in the future. Personally, I didn’t mind this time. Simply because I was entertained and the last part was still very spectacular.


The Tomorrow War works just fine as a film with suspense and thrills with nothing more.