Movie Plot – Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1: Batman must perform detective work for the first time and search for a serial killer who only operates on holidays.

Director: Chris Palmer
Writers: Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Tim Sheridan
Cast: Jensen Ackles, Josh Duhamel, Naya Rivera, Troy Baker, Billy Burke

Batman, the greatest detective?

In this story, Batman takes on a serial killer in Gotham City. This pernicious city is home to the crime family Falcone. These mafiosi are causing a lot of unrest. The chaos is complete when the Holiday Killer shows up. This serial killer, who only kills on holidays, leaves a trail of destruction and creates filled morgues. Batman, Commissioner James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent wage a race against time before the next fateful holiday arrives.

It’s also quickly apparent that Batman doesn’t have much experience yet. This is before he becomes the best detective since he didn’t think he’d ever have to do this. This differs from the comics, but I believe this is a smart move in a new animated universe. After all, this Batman is still new to the game.

The Long Halloween

As the title suggests, “Batman: The Long Halloween – Part One” is the first part of a two-part series. This animated film is based on the comic of the same name. What director Chris Palmer realizes very well is that the source material deserves attention. Attention in the form of time, so the choice to release this film in two parts is very wise. What makes this story so interesting is the impact the atrocities have on Batman’s psyche.

It is especially the dark atmosphere that leaves an impression. The chosen animation style that I still sometimes have a hard time with fits the bill here perfectly. Palmer takes his time with an atmospheric setting, character development, and action scene mapping. Since the animated films sometimes go their own way, you sit along guessing who the culprit might be as a viewer. I just hope they don’t start screwing up as they did in the Batman movie Hush.

Besides being a fine whodunnit, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One also offers a glimpse into the early career of the world’s most famous superhero. Batman is already a masked hero sweeping the streets of Gotham City, but he is not yet a skilled detective. In addition, he is also very much struggling with the position his true identity occupies in the whole.


Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One is an insanely awesome animated film that was executed perfectly. This is the perfect introduction to Batman’s detective career.