Movie Plot – Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman: The Dark Knight must face off against a mysterious female vigilante who matches him, but more ruthlessly.

Directors: Jennifer Graves, Tim Maltby, Curt Geda
Writers: Alan Burnett, Michael Reaves
Cast: Kevin Conroy, Kimberly Brooks, Kelly Ripa, Tara Strong, Bob Hastings, Kyra Sedgwick, Elisa Gabrielli


There is a new superhero in Gotham, and she looks strangely, very much like Batman. Yet, both of them are not the same persons, and this time it is about a female superhero. She also differs on top of that in her way of dealing with crime. It is more violent than Batman himself, and we can’t have that.

Batman tries to figure out who is behind the new superheroine. We get to see several women during the film that you as the viewer try to guess for yourself who it could be. I personally was very close and this was also my first time seeing this movie. So for me, it was a real “Mystery of the Batwoman.”

Batman animation

I grew up with the Batman Animated Series, and this animation style remains one of my favorites. Yes, it can sometimes seem cheap to others. Yet this still has something about it. It’s like it’s the perfect fit for Batman. Only Penguin’s design I was not a fan of. Something was off with him.

I was still surprised that this is almost 20 years old. It still holds up. I just keep finding it a shame that the design of The Penguin has been upended. I’m really a fan of the Burton approach, and the villain honestly loses his look completely here. On the other hand, Bane is a good addition, and Carlton Duquesne (a character created for this film) still proves to be quite fleshed out. The voice cast is obviously top-notch, but what do you want with Kevin Conroy? He remains one of the ultimate Batman actors.


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is a good animated movie. However, don’t compare it to Mask of The Phantasm or Mr. Freeze SubZero. The storyline is good not quite as good as the other ones but it has lots of action and the voice actors are excellent.