Movie Plot – Those Who Wish Me Dead: A teenager who witnesses a murder is pursued by two killers in the Montana wilderness. A survival expert must protect him — and a forest fire threatens to consume them all.

Director: Taylor Sheridan
Writers: Michael Koryta, Charles Leavitt, Taylor Sheridan
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hoult, Finn Little, Jon Bernthal, Aiden Gillen

Okay but simple

A simple plot revolving around a tough firewoman putting out forest fires in wooded Montana is told in a rather complicated way. The firewoman accidentally trips over a young boy who, in turn, witnesses a murder and is hunted down by two killers. The first half of the film is quite tough and time-consuming and seems to give the impression of being more substantive than it actually is.

Right in the middle of the 95-minute film, the toughness is released and the action picks up speed. The disjointed and lackluster storytelling of the first half finally comes together. Good thing. The film can finally move on to searing action.

Overall, it feels like a 90s thriller movie, which is okay. However, it doesn’t really stand out, and storywise this wasn’t really innovative.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie as a firewoman covered in sooty smears who moves adrift for a film, feels as unreal as the setting full of digitally manipulated flames. In the process, Angelina Jolie is plagued by another film by obligatory memories of a nasty traumatic experience. I really like seeing her in a smaller role for once, though some work is still to be done.

I was also surprised by how young Angelina Jolie looks. However, I do know that it’s probably not all-natural without offending her. Still, I thought she was definitely a beautiful woman.

The other characters add surprising elements. They may be easy to fill in, but sometimes they did unexpected things. There were real moments where I thought of: “hmm, I wasn’t expecting this one.” Of course, this could also be just me.

The bad guys have one goal: killing the child, with or without additional victims. However, the film provides a reason to get the film going. The details of it are not important and very blurry.


Those Who Wish Me Dead has a simple story but is still an okay movie if you really don’t know what to see. On top of that, you get to see Angelina Jolie in a B role for a change.