Movie Plot – Daredevil: A man blinded by toxic waste that also enhanced his other senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero with no fear.

Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Writer: Mark Steven Johnson
Cast: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Jon Favreau, Michael Clarke Duncan

The first part is the only good part

Director Johnson was the wrong choice for this comic adaptation. The young filmmaker’s lack of experience is evident in the film and especially the story. ‘Daredevil’ starts off strong by establishing the tragic history of Daredevil, the alter ego of young lawyer Matt Murdock. The maligned actor Ben Affleck plays him actually quite well. Though Affleck’s understated play, he manages to portray the tragedy of the hapless “hero” very well.

His origin story in this film was the only good part. The scenes where he was young with his father were quite interesting. We get to see how he goes blind and gains his powers. Due to his ability to hear very well, he creates a sort of radar around him. Everything was fine besides the jumping until the scene in the subway. After that, everything went downhill.

Particularly in the first half-hour, the grim atmosphere of the film is very well captured. Daredevil is clearly presented as an anti-hero who has no pure motives. For example, at the beginning of the film, the vigilante kills a criminal without conscience, throwing him in front of a subway train. Unfortunately, the oppressive, mysterious atmosphere is not sustained. Oddly enough, the tension disappears precisely with the introduction of the villains.

Daredevil & Elektra

The character of Daredevil is at once no longer plagued by a guilt complex and revenge. No, he has fallen in love with Elektra. The atmosphere of the film becomes at once much more lighthearted. Unfortunately, the obligatory romantic touch is not even captivatingly developed either. Actress Jennifer Garner doesn’t have much to add to the film. Besides some fight scenes, all she has to do is be pretty in her tight leather suit. A very thankless role, clearly aimed at a young audience of teenage boys. Besides romance, there is also fighting to be done in a superhero movie.

The criminals Daredevil fought against at the beginning of the film presented no challenge to him. Kingpin, the arch-nemesis of the superhero, therefore, sends the Irish bad guy Bullseye to take on Daredevil. Emerging talent Colin Farrell plays the Irish hitman who never misses. Apparently, Farrell didn’t see much of a challenge in the caricatured role, because the actor doesn’t get any further than fierce schmoozing. Farrell pushes his role so thickly that it comes across as very over the top. The realistic, grim atmosphere of the film is destroyed in one go. Well, it was already destroyed by the super jumping of some characters. Is there any gravity at all? Adult audiences have long since stopped taking the film seriously. The rest of the cast has also completely lost track after this change in style. Besides one-dimensional acting and loud rock music, there is nothing left in the film.

The only bright spot of the film is the breakthrough of American rock band Evanescence, who have become famous thanks to the soundtrack of the film. After the first part of “Daredevil,” the story wanders aimlessly.


I knew Daredevil (2003) was terrible but couldn’t remember just how bad it was. How glad I am that we have Charlie Cox’s his Daredevil. That’s a big improvement.