Movie Plot – Justice Society: World War II: The Justice Society of America , a group of heroes who help the Allies in World War II, gain an ally from the future who sends them on an adventure that changes history.

Director: Jeff Wamester
Writers: Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin
Cast: Stana Katic, Matt Bomer, Omid Abtahi, Darren Criss

Back to World War II

Flash is sent back to the past and finds himself in the middle of a World War II battle. There he comes to the aid of the Justice Society. This group of superheroes led by Wonder Woman is fighting the Nazis. Flash volunteers to help end the war in their favor, while the team tries to find a way to send him back home. This turns out to be not so easy.

In addition, he never heard about this superhero group from the past. What does it all mean? Are they forgotten by time? Or is this something else?

I’m a big fan of how the DC Animated Movies are handled. I really liked the continuity that followed its predecessor from the New 52. When Man of Tomorrow came out, it gave the starting shot of the new timeline. Furthermore, Superman is also in this movie but has rather a small role. In other words, “Justice Society: World War II” is the first movie to connect to another film of the same universe.

DC’s animated storytelling

My favorite aspect with DC is that it is darker than Marvel. Their animated movies do very well, and DC is king at that. They bring us the favorite stories we want to see, like soon “The Long Halloween.”

I still have to adjust to the new animated style, though. Personally, I would have preferred a different style like the New 52, which I am more of a fan of. This one has more outlines like in TV shows like Archer. After half an hour or so, I do get used to the drawing style. Still, I have to adjust every time. However, I do believe this style will suit the next Batman movie better. Unfortunately, some of the voices didn’t feel like a great fit for some roles.

Now, when it comes to the fight scenes. They are really well done and pretty violent, especially the Wonder Woman scenes. It reminded me of the Snyder Cut where Wonder Woman fought those bank robbers/terrorists. It’s pretty dope.

Justice Society

Story-wise, there is nothing particularly interesting about it; it is based on World War II, so it is mostly about taking down Nazis and stopping evil schemes.

What is interesting or at least refreshing about the film is that it lets its heroes be vulnerable, with flaws, and makes mistakes. But despite any shortcomings or fears, they may have, they persevere. It is the inherent part of what makes a hero brave, far too many modern heroes, especially with regard to female heroes, are not allowed to show weakness in any respect. A hero who shows some degree of vulnerability or is flawed in some way is always more compelling than the always perfect and virtuous hero who can do no wrong.

What interested me the most was to see them work together. Justice Society: World War II has themes about friendship and the idea that you can do anything you want if you work together as a team. The film is rated PG-13 for violence and some gory images. The WWII period brings with it many sensitive topics, animated violence, and some mild swearing. The film can be intense at times and really targets its viewers to older DC fans.

At this moment, Justice Society: World War II is my favorite DC animated movie of the new timeline.


Justice Society: World War II is an excellent addition to the DC animated movie universe. It’s great to see DC use more of their older heroes. In addition, it’s a great way to connect to an older audience.