Movie Plot – Spider-man: When a genetically modified spider bites Peter Parker, a sulky, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he must eventually use to fight evil as a superhero after a tragedy befalls his family.

Director: Sam Raimi
Writer: David Koepp
Cast: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe, James Franco, J.K. Simmons

The First Spider-Man Movie

When we talk about popular comic book heroes from Marvel, Spider-Man is top of mind for everyone. Or at least it was in the 2000s. The big question back then was why it took so long for the adventures of the red-blue wall-crawler to be filmed. I won’t bore you with it, but the fact that the film adaptation of Spidey took so long had to do with a dispute over the rights and the bankruptcy of several film companies. But eventually, Sam Raimi was given the responsibility of bringing the character conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to the big screen.

Raimi is an experienced director and, as a lover and fanatical collector of comics, the right person to direct this multi-million dollar production. His search for the ideal actor to play both Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man quickly led the filmmaker to Tobey Maguire. The title role in Spider-Man would be the actor’s first major role. He plays the role of the shy photographer who acquires superpowers through the bite of a genetically engineered spider superbly. Until this day, many consider him to be the best portrayal of Spider-Man. However, my opinion shifts from time to time.

The Green Goblin

In Spider-Man, the masked crime fighter faces his first major enemy. After a failed experiment, decadent businessman Norman Osborn transforms into The Green Goblin, a villain with special powers who will do anything to destroy Spider-Man if the masked vigilante rejects his invitation to cooperate. The role of this maniacal character is more than excellently played by Willem Dafoe. He is perfectly cast. But Dafoe and his counterpart are not the only actors who convince. Kirsten Dunst fulfills the role of Mary Jane fine while James Franco does well as Norman’s son and Peter’s best friend Harry Osborn.

Is it Spidey from the comics?

Spider-Man stays close to the stories from the comics, yet the filmmaker has let his imagination run wild and put his own spin on the Spidey universe. For example, the superhero shoots a web from the body while the character in the comic uses a modern piece of technology that allows him to swing through the streets of New York on a web.

More details have been changed, but that should certainly not spoil the fun. In terms of special and visual effects, the audience has nothing to complain about while the action that is plentiful is well interspersed with comic and romantic scenes. The Sam Raimi-directed action film is a very good comic book adaptation and therefore a must-see for fans of the character.


Sam Raimi does an excellent job of showing the hero’s pain in the first Spider-Man movie, as well as the pain of others. On its own, it is a very good superhero movie, together with the sequel, it is an absolute masterpiece.