Movie Plot – Blade II: Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council to fight the Reapers, who feed on vampires.

Director: Guillermo del Toro
Writers: Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, David S. Goyer
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman, Norman Reedus, Luke Goss, Leonor Varela

The sequel

Blade‘ was a tight action movie with a mediocre script and choreographically very strong fight scenes and ‘Blade II’ actually picks up where the first part left off. More fight scenes, more blood and more spectacle. Since we are four years further in time, the threads used to perform the various stunts in the first part have been replaced with computer animation. Overall, this does benefit the film, but a few scenes balance on the edge or are over the top.

The characters in the first part had hatred as the sole motive for their existence, which made the characters come across as rather flat. The makers have taken the critics to task and actually made sure that Blade has other feelings as well. A true love-story, albeit a minimal one, is presented to us. The other characters are also better developed which only increases the viewing pleasure. So the villain is not just a villain.

The Underground

Blade is not just your typical Superhero. He feels more underground than the rest and I like that about the character. Everything is more gritty and dark, and you can also consider this to be a horror movie. Of course, this about vampires, so you won’t see any daylight. Well, except if they’re twilight vampires but they’re not.

Wesley Snipes is great again in this film and can show a little more depth to his character. However, I still find it hard to be emotional connected to him as he doesn’t show much of what he’s truly feeling. Than again, that’s part of the character.

Mostly, I watch the Blade films for the action and this movie doesn’t dissappoint! The new species can only be killed by sunlight so they’re pretty hard to kill. It’s pretty incredible to see Blade face off these new enemies, however, I do prefer when they get killed by a sword or a gun. Overall, it was pretty great.

Blade II had a bit more special effects, less minimalism than the first – nevertheless a great action movie and the soundtrack was top notch. Although some parts were predictable and some twists in the story did surprise.


Overall, Blade II is a fun action movie with a horror twist. The plot is OK. The action is solid and fun and supported by CGI from the 2000s that was still pretty decent. A good cast helps and the action flows fairly consistently to produce an enjoyable two hours of dark style.