Movie Plot – Jurassic Park III: An odd couple with ulterior motives convinces Dr. Grant to go to Isla Sorna for a vacation. An island where dinosaurs live. The unexpected landing startles the new inhabitants of the island.

Director: Joe Johnston
Writers: Michael Crichton, Peter Buchman, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor
Cast: Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Téa Leoni, Alessandro Nivola

The B-island

In Jurassic Park III, most of the story takes place at Site B. At the beginning of the film, we see a boy and his companion perish when the boat, pulling the parasail on which both are hanging, crashes into a rock. By necessity, the pair must make an emergency landing on the island of Isla Soma. Unsuspecting that he will become involved in a plot to save the crashed boy, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) is eventually persuaded by the Kirby couple to guide a flight in a small plane will have to fly low over the island with the dinos.

When Grant realizes that he has been contracted under false pretenses, it is already too late because the plane crashes after coming into contact with a Spinosaurus. This enormous carnivorous monster, which is even larger than the universally feared Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I remember as a kid that this was the only moment where I felt a bit disappointed. And that was just because the Spinosaurus was stronger than a T-Rex. Besides that, I really enjoyed this film as a kid. However, the T-Rex is almost everyone’s favorite dinosaur.

Sam Neill combined with other cast members

The second film, The Lost World, had Jeff Goldblum as the lead actor. Let’s be honest everyone loves Jeff Goldblum. However, this time it’s Sam Neill who’s back, and I honestly preferred that. In addition, he does make a small reference where he quotes he wasn’t a part of the San Diego accident. Laura Dern, as Ellie, makes a very small appearance but hasn’t any major role.

William H. Macy and Téa Leoni are playing the couple who tricked dr. Alan Grant to find their son. At first, they’re really annoying, especially Amanda (Téa Leoni). They’re on a search for their son, but she starts shouting on an island full of dinosaurs that can eat you. Like seriously? Listen to the expert and keep your mouth shut. William H. Macy, on the other hand, is somewhat likable. Maybe but not at the beginning, but at the end, I did enjoy his character.

Billy is like a student of dr. Alan Grant and I also enjoyed his character. Sure, some people may hate him or despise him, but I didn’t. Yeah, he sometimes feels like a stupid teenager. However, then again, he’s a teenager.

More dinosaurs

The big baddie is the spinosaurus, but he’s not the only dinosaur we get to see. There is plenty more of them, which is one reason I enjoyed this film. I know there is a lot of people who dislike this film. Personally, I was entertained thanks to the use of many different creatures.

Velociraptors have like a new feature. They communicate with each other and are incredibly intelligent. They lay down traps for their prey, and you can see why they’re so dangerous. I know, I would be scared.

One of my favorite additions was the Pteranodons. They’re the flying dinos, for your information. Back in the days, I actually thought they were nice birds. Yet they are not sweet beasts, but rather very dangerous creatures. Holy Guacamolé, I was on the edge of my seat when they were on the screen. I absolutely loved it.


I’m probably one of the few who really enjoyed this film. Jurassic Park III is a fun watch, and it’s not a masterpiece like the first one. However, sometimes I just want to be entertained, and I got that.