Movie Plot – Willy’s Wonderland: A quiet bypasser is enticed into a job as a janitor in the now condemned Willy’s Wonderland. Mundane duties suddenly become a struggle for survival against wave after wave of demonic Animatronics. Fists fly, kicks land, titans clash – and only one side will make it out alive.

Director: Kevin Lewis
Writer: G.O. Parsons
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant

Get your drunk mode on

I don’t want to tell you what to do, but some movies are meant to be seen drunk, and Willy’s Wonderland is one of them. Of course, do it responsively. Also, please don’t watch it alone!

What happens when you put Nicolas Cage in a universe that looks very much like Five Night at Freddy’s? Exactly what you would expect. There are no words, no explanations to his character other than punches, kicks, and mercy strikes. Cage is at his best and doing exactly what you love to see him do. Although he is known for his award-winning and AAA blockbuster performances, I always enjoy seeing him in projects that no one but him would accept.

Besides that, it’s just a terrible movie, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it alone. Nothing makes sense, and everything is super weird.

The Janitor

Nicolas Cage’s character remains unnamed during the entire film. Even in the credits, they refer to him as the Janitor. He’s just someone who drove by but got car trouble. Then a towing service came and took his car to the garage. Soon the cost runs up to $1,000, but by chance, he can only pay it in cash because there are no working bank machines. Then he gets an offer to work a night at Willy Wonderland, and in return, his car would be repaired. An odd deal, but yes, what do you do in the middle of nowhere? So he takes the job!

What’s funny is that he actually takes the job seriously and does everything he gets asked to do: put a Willy T-shirt on, taking enough breaks, and is allowed to consume the beverages. Even when the horror starts, he just keeps doing his work. In addition, he’s a very fast unbelievable cleaner.

Don’t expect one-liners or some cringe dialogue of Nicholas Cage as he remains silent the entire time. However, as much as we love to see him talk. It’s actually fun to see him in this kind of role.

Unfortunately, all the other actors were terrible. I don’t mean disrespecting them, but they hired people I believe aren’t actors. I’m not sure, but I believe many of them are known for making videos on YouTube or even Vine.

Nicholas Cage vs. The Animatronics

Seeing Nicholas Cage beating up live Animatronics is hilarious. Every one of them looks creepy in their own way. Well, some more than others, especially the one that looks like a creepy Tinkerbell. However, it’s not a scary movie, so you’ll be fine watching it. In addition, there are almost no jump scares.

It’s pretty hilarious how Nicholas Kage beats up the Animatronics or how he makes entrances when one starts attacking people. In addition, you don’t really see exactly how Animatronics bites people. Well, they show that they bite some people, but you can’t tell how that works.

There’s also a history behind these creatures, but honestly, I didn’t care about that at all. The movie isn’t that interesting in terms of story, and I just wanted to see Nicholas Cage go off on Creatures, which is actually what you’re getting.


Willy’s Wonderland is basically a random movie where Nicholas Cage beats up Animatronics without saying one word.