After a great movie ends and the credits roll, sometimes a good end-credit scene comes along. You might be tempted to leave the theater, but it might be a good idea to wait a little longer. Many movies hide something extra (or a few extra things) before, during or after the credits of a movie. This often happens with comic book movies and I still see far too many people leave for home before they see the scene.

In recent years, credit scenes have experienced a serious boom thanks to superhero movies, especially those from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So expect lots of scenes from this incredible universe. While they have perfected the formula, Marvel is not alone.

10. Deadpool 2 – Time Travel

At the end of the second movie, Deadpool is using Cable’s device to mess with time. So he first goes back to save his fiancée, which everyone would do honestly. Like, who wouldn’t? However, he doesn’t stop there and make some other hilarious changes. He’s fixing choices he made as Ryan Reynolds and is even visiting little Hitler when he was just a baby.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean’s family reunion

At the end of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales, Henry is joined by Carina as they watch his father finally set foot on land again, no longer bound to the Flying Dutchman. While Henry and Carina kiss, Will is reunited with his wife, Elizabeth. From the deck of the Pearl, Jack watches and sails off with his crew. He opens his mystic compass and reveals their next adventure. A happy ending for this power couple in combination with some awesome Pirate music.

8. Fast Five

The Fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise weren’t expecting this scene. We all thought Letty had passed away in Fast & Furious, which was the fourth movie in the franchise. However, The Rock received a document which is stating that she’s still alive.

7. 22 Jump Street’s endless sequels

22 Jump Street is one of the last films where tears were rolling of my eyes because of laughter. I seriously had a great time with that movie. During the end credit scenes, they show off all future assignments for every year that has to come. The best part is that it gets ridiculous with every year that comes, and they’re hitting different themes like, for example, cooking school. It’s just hilarious. There is even a recast in one of the future films.

6. The Avengers’ (Shawarma)

Who would have imagined seeing the Avengers on screen? Not only did we got to watch them all together in one film. They also had a Shawarma scene where they were all having a meal together without socializing with each other. What makes this scene hilarious is that Tony Stark actually proposed somewhere near the end to get Shawarma. At first, we thought it was a joke. However, in the end, they actually went with his idea. Brilliant.

5. Deadpool’s Ferris Bueller homage

I remember waiting for the credit scene at the end of the first Deadpool movie. When the credits were over, Deadpool showed similar to Ferris Bueller telling us to go home. We already knew that Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, but he told us what to do this time. That made me crack up. However, we did get some reward out of it as he said to us that Cable would be in the next film.

4. The Avengers – Thanos’ Reveal

I bet many people didn’t know who Thanos was back then and its impact on this universe. Since the first Avengers movie, Marvel was teasing him to be the big baddie. Years later, we eventually got Infinity Wars and Endgame, where he crushed the Avengers. Today he’s one of the most famous villains ever.

3. Fast and Furious 6

The Hard Core fans knew that Han died in the third film of the Fast and Furious Franchise. However, we didn’t know he actually got murdered. What makes this scene so crazy is that fans were begging for Jason Statham to join the franchise. From that moment on, you just know the next movie is going to be epic. Too bad I never got to experience this scene at the theater as I was late to the party. If i had seen this in the theater, I would have gone crazy.

2. Spider-man: Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home dropped a bomb on the Marvel Fans with this credit scene. First of all, Spider-man gets accused of being a villain. Second, his identity gets revealed. And third, we got to see J. K. Simmons back in his iconic role as J. Jonah Jameson.

What does this all mean for the next film? Also, with all the rumors of getting the old Spiderman actors back, does this mean J. Jonah Jameson is from another universe?

Movie Review – Spider-Man Far From Home

1. Iron Man kicks off the MCU

This is The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Big Bang moment. Who would have imagined that Marvel would create a shared universe with all the Avengers? It’s still crazy if you think about it how much they achieved. In addition, I’m also so grateful to be alive in a world where geeks get spoiled by movies and tv shows.