Have you seen the 2002 films Minority Report and the 2005 films War of the Worlds? And did you like these science fiction films? If so, you might like to see a new collaboration between director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Cruise.

The chances of this ever happening would be pretty slim, according to rumor-maker Daniel Richtman. In particular, Steven Spielberg would be reluctant to make another film with Cruise. Unfortunately, the reason is not made clear, so one can only guess at that.

Short-lived collaboration

It is of course remarkable that the big names worked together twice in a short period of time, but then never shot another film. Both Minority Report and War of the Worlds were very successful at the box office.

There were once rumors that Cruise and his Scientology beliefs were causing too much trouble on the set of War of the Worlds. There could be a reason for that… Which of the two films do you think is the better one?

Minority Report

Minority Report tells the story of John Anderton, a Precrime Department agent who arrests murderers before they can commit the act thanks to the seeing powers of precogs Agatha, Arthur & Dashiell. One day he is suspected of committing a murder and decides to go on the run.

War of the Worlds

Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) is an ordinary man who works at the port. He is divorced and he has two children from that marriage. His ex brings his son Robbie (Justin Chatwin) and daughter Rachel (Dakota Fanning) over for the weekend and Ray tries to bond with the kids as best he can. Especially with his son, Ray is having a hard time. The kids have barely arrived or some strange things happen.

A heavy electrical storm knocks out all the cars and other appliances and when Ray goes to see what’s going on, suddenly giant machines come out of the ground and start destroying everything they come across. Ray and his children manage to escape and decide to head towards Boston where Ray’s ex has gone. However, this journey will not be an easy one as the entire earth has come under attack from aliens.