Movie Plot – Blade: A half vampire, half mortal man becomes a protector of the humans while killing evil vampires.

Director: Stephen Norrington
Writer: David S. Goyer
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson

A world of vampires

Blade is now more then 20 years old, but the action film directed by Stephen Norrington is still very entertaining. Based on Marvel’s comics although Blade isn’t the everyday action hero hurtling into fluorescent spandex to take on ruthless vampires. Blade is more the anti-hero who is often guilty of skillfully killing these bloodsuckers even though he is one himself. Excellently played by Wesley Snipes who stands out as the bold vampire hunter.

Although most people are not aware of the existence of vampires, only a few stand up to the race of blood-drinking creatures that feed on unsuspecting and innocent civilians after sunset. Blade and his faithful companion Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) are doing everything they can to stop them, but this time they face the biggest challenge to date. The dangerous vampire Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) is working on a secret plan to awaken an ancient blood god and with his arrival this could mean the end of mankind.


What can you expect from ‘Blade’? Well, Blade’ is an action film in its core. Not really a special plot. Everything revolves around Blade in this film, both the story and the fight scenes, the choreography of which, for that matter, is excellent.

Blade is there to stop the Vampires. In a spectacular action film, he takes on these creatures and things get tough. The visual and makeup effects are excellent while the acting is fine. Besides all that violence there’s also room for some funny moments despite the fact that Blade is a predominantly dark film. The ominous atmosphere is noticeable while the bold soundtrack enhances Blade’s impressive performance.

Blade is a so-called “daywalker”, whose blood is the key to becoming an unbeatable vampire. On top of that, he finds his strength because he wants to find and kill the vampire who bit his mother. On the other hand, he is helped by Abraham Whistler (Kris Kistofferson) whose family was murdered by a vampire.

Wesley Snipes

It goes without saying that we shouldn’t expect extensive monologues or sharp one-liners from Wesley Snipes. His strength lies in the field of martial arts. Whenever a piece of text has to be recited, he does so without any expression. However, as a viewer, I’m not looking for sensitive emotional scenes from Wesley Snipes. No, let him be cool and bad ass. Just how I like him to be.

The martial arts are child’s play for Wesley Snipes, of course. His experience and knowledge of martial arts makes him the ideal person for the role of Blade. It visibly doesn’t cost him any effort to play these scenes. I’ve seen the Blade movies a very long time ago, and I can’t seem to remember much about it. I was still a kid back then. And yes, I know it isn’t a kids movie, but I’ve seen this one at a friend’s house.

I was actually quite surprised how inclined I was during this movie. The action scenes still holds up thanks to Wesley Snipes’ martial arts skills. Most of the time the scenes are fast paced, but then again it’s a movie from the 90’s. This is also visible in the effects. Moreover, the special effects can be confusing when the scenes are flashy. Especially that train tunnel scene.


The appreciation of the film “Blade” will strongly depend on the expectations of the viewer. However, most people know it for the heavy action scenes. It’s definitely worth giving this film a chance and it has two more sequels.