What are the best 20 movies of 2020?

The year 2020 is almost over, so it’s time to look back. Because of the corona crisis, many films were postponed to next year. However, that doesn’t mean there were no great films this year. I compiled a top 20 of the best films of the year.

Of course, this list was made according to my personal preferences. As you all know, everyone has different tastes, so it is possible that your favorite movie is not on it. I try to balance what I think is an excellent movie and what movies I enjoy. That’s why some movies that I’ve rated with lower stars can be higher up on the list.

Last year I had only done a top 5 of 2019 as I had just started my blog. Now, I’ve seen a lot more new movies with which allowed me to make a bigger list.

Top 20 best movies of 2020 - Ranked

20. Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes, Sherlock and Mycroft’s younger sister, was raised in the nineteenth century by her eccentric mother, Eudoria. When her mother disappears without a trace on her sixteenth birthday, Enola finds hidden clues that her mother left behind. To facilitate her search, Enola gives herself up for a man and goes to London.

I really thought this was a fun adventure movie and hope for future films. It was different once since it’s not about Sherlock and Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes is excellent. It barely made my “Top 20 best movies of 2020” list.

Movie Review – Enola Holmes

19. Mank

Herman J. Mankiewicz is a screenwriter who sometimes likes a drink. At the moment, he is writing the screenplay of ‘Citizen Kane’ with which he will gain great fame. The development of this film from 1941 and directed by Orson Welles is not without a struggle. Mank’ gives a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes and onset.

I know that this film would rank higher among many film lovers. Although I appreciate the art behind the film, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Still, this is a great film and I found this to be informative.

18. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a super-fast blue hedgehog. The government is eager to get hold of Sonic. Sheriff Tom Wachowski, a sheriff from the small town of Green Hills, decides to travel to San Francisco to help Sonic in his fight against the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

I’ve been a bit harsh in my review of Sonic The Hedgehog. After some reflection, this film made my top 20 best movies of 2020. All that because it gave me a good time at the movies. It’s a fun little family movie.

Movie Review – Sonic The Hedgehog

17. Superman: Red Son

What if… the spaceship with the young Kal-El crashed on our planet twelve hours later? Superman: Red Son gives the answer: then he wouldn’t have landed on Ma and Pa Kent’s yard in Kansas but on a collective farm in Ukraine. That’s where he grows up to become Superman, the hero of the working class who fights for Comrade Stalin, socialism, and the expansion of the Warsaw Pact!

I’m a DC fan, and there are two types of stories I have a weakness for: origins and else-world stories. This time it takes place in another universe, and you have a new interpretation of the man of steel.

Movie Review – Superman: Red Son

16. RUN

Diane Sherman is a mother who raised her disabled daughter Chloe on her own. However, she made sure that her daughter was raised in total isolation and was completely cut off from the outside world. However, Chloe discovers that her mother has hidden a dark secret from her.

I started this film with a lot of ignorance, and this one has pleasantly surprised me. How scary can your own family be? I usually find people less scary, and I’m more afraid of ghosts. Still, RUN knew how to be creepy.

Movie Review – Run

15. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

In this sequel to “Justice League Dark,” the Justice League goes to war against the intergalactic conqueror Darkseid. But when the heroes arrive on his planet Apokolips, everything goes very differently than expected. Two years later, Superman is looking for John Constantine in an attempt to correct previously made mistakes.

I’ve thought a lot about putting it on my list, but its impact on the DC animated universe is too big just to leave it out. I’ve never been more shocked than the bloody violence of this animated DC film. It shows how animation is not always translated into cheerfulness. Justice League Dark shows how horrible it can be, and this is the last film of The New 52 – Universe.

Movie Review – Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

14. Freaky

When the mystical, old dagger of the ruthless serial killer ‘The Butcher’ causes him and Millie to wake up in each other’s bodies. Later on, Millie discovers that she only has 24 hours to avoid being permanently trapped in the body of a homicidal psychopath. The biggest obstacle is that she has a middle-aged maniac’s appearance, who is the target of a manhunt throughout the city. With the help of her friends, she races against the clock to break the curse.

Vince Vaugh is what makes this film so worthwhile. He’s just amazing and super hilarious like a teenage girl. He gave me a good time.

Movie Review – Freaky

13. The Hunt

A group of people wakes up in an unknown place, without any idea of how they got there. It quickly becomes very clear that they are being hunted by a bunch of privileged people, just for fun. However, a woman knows how to survive the game and decides to make the hunters themselves being hunted. She also goes in search of a mysterious woman.

This kind of reminded me of Kill Bill in terms of story and character. A badass woman who hunts the people down who wanted to kill her. Now, don’t expect a Quentin Tarantino movie, but a fun satire movie.

Movie Review – The Hunt

12. Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods’ follows four African-American veterans returning to the jungle of Vietnam. The men search for the remains of their former team leader and hope to find a hidden treasure. During their search, they wrestle with their past.

I loved the look and feel of Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, the friendships, and the conflicts. This is also one of the last films with Chadwick Boseman in it. Even the cinematography is fantastic with all the flashbacks. Yet the deeper conversations are the most interesting parts and Delroy Lindo’s performance was top-notch.

Movie Review – Da 5 Bloods

11. Bad Boys for Life

Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are still working for the Miami Police. While Marcus is already thinking about retirement, to finally enjoy his family and new grandchild, his partner Mike plans to chase after the crooks until he reaches his hundredth birthday. Unintentionally, they both have to take action when a violent serial killer puts Mike at the top of his death list. They get help from a newly established police unit full of young dogs, who use the latest technical gadgets.

I went to the movie, hoping this was going to be good, but somewhere I expected it to disappoint me. I’m glad I was wrong about that. I really enjoyed myself during this movie, and even found it better than the two previous films. It even made my top 20 best movies of 2020.

Movie Review – Bad Boys for Life

10. Onward

Onward’ tells the story of two fairy brothers from a magical suburb. After the death of their father, the boys decide to go on a voyage of discovery. They go in search of whether there is any kind of magic left in the outside world.

I love fantasy, adventure and magical worlds. Onward has all those components and is a fun watch.

Movie Review – Onward

9. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

In a rehearsal booth in Chicago in the 1920s, tensions rise as the musicians await Ma Rainey’s arrival. When the ‘mother of the blues’ finally appears, it comes to a disagreement with her manager and producer about the management of her music. In the studio, secrets come to light that changes the lives of the musicians forever. Meanwhile, the ambitious trumpeter Levee is determined to take his place in the music world.

The best acting I’ve seen this year is in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. So many great dialogs and oscar-worthy performances. Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis put down their best performances. This is even Chadewick’s best acting and, unfortunately, last live-action movie. May his soul rest in peace.

8. The Way Back

Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck) once led a promising life. When he was still in high school, Jack was a top basketball player with a full scholarship in his pocket. However, years later, after an unbearable loss, he goes downhill and suffers from an alcohol addiction. Then he gets a new chance and is asked to coach a basketball team at his former high school, which starts to give his life some hope and shine again.

Since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, I became more curious about his performance in films as an actor and director. I think people still underestimate how good he is at his job. What added even more to this film is that he even struggled with alcoholism. That’s why this film felt so real. He knew how to translate his life experience to the screen due to his own struggles.

Movie Review – The Way Back

7. Love and Monsters

Seven years after a “monster apocalypse,” mankind is forced to move to underground colonies. Joel Dawson decides to go to the surface and defy the monsters that stand between him and his high school sweetheart Aimee. He gets help from a professional monster hunter.

I needed an entertaining movie that felt a bit like a blockbuster movie, and I got that thanks to Love and Monsters. On top of that, Dylan O’Brian is such a likable guy. He has such a nice guy charisma with a fun aspect to it.

Movie Review – Love and Monsters

6. Soul

Joe Gardner (Jammie Fox) teaches in high school and is also a jazz musician. Living in New York, he leads his whole life for his only passion, which is music. However, this is at the expense of everything else. One day Joe meets the girl 22, and everything changes.

Soul really surprised me and is the last movie I’ve seen before creating my Top 20 Best Movies of 2020 list. Also, this animated film feels very mature by what they want to tell. It doesn’t often happen that a film made me think about my own life. This one clearly succeeded in it.

5. The Invisible Man

Cecilia is trapped in a relationship with a violent and controlling scientist. One night she escapes her boyfriend, and, with the help of her sister and boyfriend, she manages to hide. When her ex is robbed of her life, she thinks she can finally move on with her life. Her mind is put to the test when a series of bizarre events occur, and the lives of her loved ones are also in danger.

A movie that was released at the beginning of the year, and what a great horror movie this was. How scary can someone be who is invisible? The feeling that you don’t know if he’s in the room.

Movie Review – The Invisible Man

4. Tenet

A secret agent is part of a special team to prevent a third world war. They have to save the world from destruction, traveling through a complicated world of international espionage. An crucial part of the operation is the mysterious keyword Tenet.

Now, I know many weren’t a fan of the latest Christopher Nolan film. However, I still love the bold idea of invertion very much. It was a complex film. However, I did like the characters when many disagree, although I do understand their opinion. I was amazed by the big scale of this film and have to admit that I’m a Nolan fanboy.

Movie Review – Tenet

3. Palm Springs

Sarah went to Palm Springs to attend her sister Tala’s wedding. She herself is the bridesmaid, once a different role than being the black sheep of the family. At the party, she meets the carefree Nyles, who accompanies another bridesmaid as a date. Sarah is attracted to his nihilistic attitude, but there is more to it than she could ever imagine.

Has this concept been done before? Yes, but Palm Springs stands out. It’s an unexpected fantastic rom-com that I really enjoyed. Perfect casting and perfect chemistry. It may feel like a small movie, but this movie was such a blast. I’m even amazed that it’s number three on my Top 20 Best movies of 2020.

Movie Review – Palm Springs

2. The Devil All The Time

This film takes place during the period from the end of the Second World War to the 1960s. Willard Russell is a tormented war veteran who loses his wife Charlotte to cancer. Lovers Carl and Sandy Henderson are serial killers targeting models. Pastor Roy and his right hand Theodore are on the run from the authorities. Central to all this is Arvin Russell, the son of Willard and Charlotte.

The acting and the different stories are what fascinated me in this film. Tom Holland, in particular, is really excellent in his role. Each story had its malicious character traits. And all storylines were eventually connected in a brilliant way.

Movie Review – The Devil All The Time

1. The Trial of Chicago 7

Seven people were indicted for the uprising at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois, in 1968. It began as a peaceful demonstration but became a televised massacre after police and the National Guard used brute force against the crowd. In the six months that followed, the organizers were tried in a wild and notorious trial by the blatantly biased judge Julius Hoffman, after being indicted by President Nixon’s Ministry of Justice. As a result, the annoyance of the radicalizing youth grows.

I never thought that a court case movie would be my favorite movie of the year. The beginning was a bit confusing as they threw a lot at you, but quickly the film clicked with me. And then everything clicked for me, and this mixed with entertainment and excitement. You had a great cast with outstanding acting. That’s why it’s the winner of my list of “The Top 20 best movies of 2020 – Ranked.”

Movie Review – The Trial of Chicago 7

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