Once upon a time I wondered if I would mind if there were no films coming out for a year. A situation we used to be unable to imagine, but that has now slowly become a reality. Of course a handful of larger titles have come out, but this is for example the first year since 2009 that there is no Marvel film available. Most of the blockbusters have moved on to next year. That meant that film lovers had a lot more time last year to finally go down in history and see titles they didn’t have time for before. But the question is whether that has happened.

Topazziworld – The Blog

Originally I started this blog in 2016 where I created my first post, Warcraft. Then I was just trying, but gave up soon after my fourth review. For years this blog had been at a standstill.

Suddenly, due to certain circumstances in my life, I wanted to give a new twist to my personal life. So I gave this blog a new life again, and in November 2019 I started writing again. In other words, 2020 is actually the first year I wrote film-related topics all year round. My goal for every week is to write three posts all the time.

Of course, this has a big impact on my life. Unfortunately, this isn’t a full-time job, although it’s a dream to make it that way someday. Since I’m doing this outside my working hours, I get up earlier every day to write. It was a bit difficult in the beginning, but I enjoy watching my blog grow. This blog has an impact on my viewing experience.


Before Covid-19 broke out, my goal was to see the latest movies as soon as possible. That was not an easy task as I usually wanted to go with friends, but not everyone wants to go and see every movie. Still, I tried to do my best here.

Now, with the pandemic many blockbusters have been postponed to next year. You’d think I’d finally have time to review all my classics, but that wasn’t the case. Streaming services are still releasing new movies, for which I am super thankful. Every week, I had a new movie to watch. However, I love to go to the movie theater because I’m in love with the experience. Getting some popcorn, going out, and watching a movie on a big screen. Since the pandemic broke out, I’ve only went three times to movies. Now the movie theaters are closed again in Belgium. Hopefully 2021 will be better in that regard.

Weekly schedule

I actually like to give myself new habits like writing, but I’ve also created them for my viewing behaviour.

What I missed when I created this blog were the many reviews I wanted to write for all the fantasy movies I love. Especially about comic book movies, but there are so many. This gave me the idea to create a Fantasy Movie Watchlist. Thanks to this list, every week I watch a movie from this list in chronological order (according to release year). That way, I can still review the movies I love and one day, I will have reviewed them all.

Recently, I decided to watch a new movie every week. In the beginning, I saw the pandemic as an opportunity to focus on older films. Then I came to the conclusion that I also wanted to make a post of the best films of 2020. That’s why I created this rule for my own. Still, I’m going pretty easy with it, my only requirement is that the film should be released in 2020.

Now every Monday there will be a review of a recent movie. Every Friday on the other hand, there will be a review of my Fantasy Movie Watchlist. Other reviews come out on different days, but are less consistent as I don’t always have time. Still, I have found another solution for this and those are my Quick Reviews. Here, I briefly summarize at least five films in one post. It’s just impossible to do them all. Click here for an example.

My Fantasy Movie Watchlist

Streaming services

As mentioned before, the streaming platforms continued to release films. Personally, I think this is one of the best inventions ever. And like many, I’d rather have it all on one platform, because it’s quite expensive if you have to pay for them all. On the other hand, the competition between the platforms ensures that they make Originals. In that regard, you have Disney+ with their Mandalorian series, Netflix with their many shows and movies. With that said, it does as a huge impact on my movie experience. There are quite some gems between these films.

For the moment Netflix is still my favorite platform, followed by Amazon Prime Video. I’m stunned by the movies they release, because some of them are really well made. Even Oscar-worthy if you ask me. Disney+ finally arrived in Belgium in September and I was very excited. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed in Disney+. I really expected more of it, only the Mandalorian is really worth seeing. Besides that, there’s nothing special. However, they’ve announced some shows I’m really excited about.

Warner Bros announcement that they’re going to release all their planned films at HBO max, gets me excited. I do understand that there is some backlash on this topic as it is not advantageous for cinemas. Personally, I think it’s great because it means I don’t have to see every new movie in the theater. Of course I still go there for movies that I think are worth watching like Dune. On the other hand, I don’t know yet what the situation will be here. Who knows, I’m not allowed to go to the movies due to the government . Then I’d rather watch it at home in my couch.

Fantasy guy

My favorite genre is without a doubt, fantasy. It just keeps me interested and I admire the magical things. That is why I am so into comics. And that’s also why I made my Fantasy Movie Watchlist.

Now this blog is only focused on movies, but of course that’s not the only thing I love. I also like to watch TV shows, but then I also like to read Comic books and even books. Unfortunately I can’t write a review about every medium.


Now I’ve told you about my experience with movies, and all that in 2020. But what is your story? Let me know through the comments!