I recently released a post about my thoughts on the announcement of the Marvel movies/tv shows. Now it is time for the Star Wars part.

Disney+ really knows what I want. These are extraordinary times for fantasy lovers. I will give you the news about each title with my thoughts on it.

Let’s get started!

The Disney+ “Marvel” announcement

Rogue Squadron

One of Disney’s biggest new Star Wars announcements is Rogue Squadron, a new film by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Stories for Rogue Squadron are unconfirmed, but previously the group was formed as a band of X-wing pilots by Luke Skywalker after the Battle of Yavin, and the Wedge Antilles were also part of the group. Also known as Rogue Group, the squadron fought in remarkable clashes such as the Battle of Hoth. Jenkins revealed that the film’s inspiration came from her late father, who was a fighter pilot himself.

I don’t know much about the story, but I’m excited that Patty Jenkins is directing this. Her Wonder Woman movie was one of the better films of DC. So having a great director on board makes me more excited and hopeful.


The Ashoka series was one of the most exciting announcement to come out of Disney Investor Day 2020. Which wasn’t a surprise as she recently made her first live-action appearance in The Mandalorian.

As most of you know, Rosario Dawson will return to play Ahsoka Tano. A character introduced in the Clone Wars animated film in 2008. The new series takes place at the same time as The Mandalorian and broadcasts exclusively on Disney+. It is believed that she will be hunting for Grand Admiral Thrawn in her series, although that has not been confirmed.

I’m very excited about this show as many fans are. And also, how the hell is Grand Admiral Thrawn back?


Andor is the first Star Wars live-action movie to revisit the characters introduced in Rogue One and will be released sometime in 2022. The series takes place in the early days of the Rebel Alliance’s formation, and Diego Luna will relive his role as Cassian Andor and explain how he became a Rebel spy. The series will also include Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma and Alan Tudyk as the voice of K-2SO.

I don’t know if I needed this film, but I remain open for it. This could be a great movie, as Rogue One was one of the better Star Wars films.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Rumors about a film or miniseries dedicated to the first Jedi shown in the Star Wars films have been rumoured for years. Now it has finally been confirmed that Ewan McGregor will resume the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Disney+ miniseries. Nothing more has been said about the story than that the show will be staged ten years after the third film, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. However, it has been confirmed that Hayden Christensen will also return to play the role of Darth Vader.

The idea of having those two actors back excites me. No one complained about Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, but rather on the story itself. So I’m more than happy that he reprises his role as this legendary Jedi. The big surprise, however, goes to Hayden Christensen, who comes back too. I’m looking forward to what he has to show us.


Anime fans have something to look forward to with this new Disney+ anthology series. Star Wars: Visions, scheduled for ten episodes, will feature short animated films celebrating “Star Wars through the lens of the world’s best anime makers. None of the project’s animators have already been mentioned, but they would represent several of Japan’s leading anime studios.


While Han Solo may have won the glory and the princess her heart, most Star Wars fans agree that Lando Calrissian is the biggest rogue in the galaxy. The charming gambler returns in a new Disney+ event series under Dear White People director Justin Simien’s supervision. It’s not clear who will play Lando and when the series will take place, but Donald Glover (who played a role in Solo: A Star Wars Story) is reportedly eager to return to the role. Still, we wouldn’t bet against Billy Dee Williams, who returned to play Lando in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and put on his cape for another adventure.

Either one of them will be great, depending on when this will take place. I’m betting this is going to take place before Star Wars: A New Hope.

The Acolyte

The Acolute is Set 200 years before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. It will be the first live-action Star Wars production set during what is known as the High Republic era. The series is described as “a mystery thriller that takes the viewer into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark forces.” Russian doll maker Leslye Headland oversees the show.

The Star Wars universe is so gigantic and so many terrains remains unexplored, so why not go further in time. I’m curious what they’re all going to tell us about all of this.

The Bad Batch

As previously reported in July 2020, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the next big Star Wars animated show. The series will focus on the titular Bad Batch, a group of defected Clone Troopers whose mutations give them abilities beyond those of their fellow clones. After the Clone Wars, a time when the Galactic Empire rises and switches to using Stormtroopers, the Bad Batch will cross the galaxy and take on a series of daring mercenary missions as they try to find a new target. This can be seen in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which featured Emperor Palpatine and Grand Moff Tarkin in addition to the four members of Clone Force 99. The Bad Batch is expected to be released at Disney+ in 2021.

I’m in love with the trailer. It looks really great. I am a fan of the Clone Wars, so a sequel to it is more than welcome.

 A Droid Story

C-3PO and R2-D2 will appear in a new animated Star Wars series called A Droid Story. There is no information available about when the Disney+ series is set. Indeed, little is known at the moment outside of the title and the fact that the two most famous droid protagonists of the series will lead a new hero to their fate.

I have a gut feeling that this will be a light-hearted snack in terms of series. A bit like the new Groot series from Marvel.

Rangers Of The New Republic

Just like Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic is another new Star Wars show set during the timeline of The Mandalorian, which also features Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Other details were not confirmed. However, The Mandalorian has already introduced some New Republic pilots, such as Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Captain Carson Teva, so he may return. Most intriguingly, Ahsoka, the Mandalorian, and the Rangers of the New Republic will all be building a crossover event. Fans can expect the storylines to feed into each other. Everything will probably pointing to Grand Admiral Thrawn as an overarching villain.

When I heard that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni were on this, I was immediately sold. I feel like they understand the Star Wars Lore very well, and knows how to bring it to the screens. In them, we trust!

The Mandalorian Season 3

It had been confirmed before that the Mandalorian season 3 was already in the making (which was to be expected, given the already enormous success), but now Disney has confirmed exactly when the fans will be able to see it. In a break from the tradition of last fall releases, The Mandalorian season 3 will premiere on Christmas Day at Disney+, making it a great gift for Star Wars fans. Though later than usual, it is logical to see the increased slate of Disney+ in Star Wars.

This is probably my favorite tv show, so how more seasons we get. The happier I am.

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars Movie

Earlier in May 2020, it was reported that Taika Waititi would make a Star Wars Movie. You may know him from Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder. Disney announced Waititi’s film during the investors’ call, but didn’t provide any other details. However, Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron is coming in December 2023. So that probably means that Waititi’s film will most likely be released in the December 19, 2025.