Movie Plot – Christmas Chronicles 2: Kate is now an adolescent and can’t cope well with her mother’s new relationship. When she tries to escape back home, she stumbles upon someone who will do anything to stop Christmas this year. But if it’s up to her and Santa Claus to stop him.

Director: Chris Columbus
Writers: Matt Lieberman, Chris Columbus
Cast: Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Darby Camp, Jahzir Bruno, Julian Dennison

Two years later

It’s been two years since Kate and Teddy got Santa in trouble on Christmas Eve in The Christmas Chronicles. Darby Camp, the young actress who plays Kate, has grown a lot. She plays the role of an annoyed teenager well. In this sequel to The Christmas Chronicles, you won’t see Teddy that much. Instead, the son of their mother’s boyfriend goes on an adventure with her. Jack is played by Jahzir Bruno, who is also very convincing. In addition, Kurt Russell returns as Santa Claus, and Santa’s wife (played by Goldie Hawn) has a bigger role in The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Even though you understand or don’t understand that Kate doesn’t want to forget or ‘replace’ her father. In The Christmas Chronicles 2, it’s a bit harder to find her a likable character. Maybe it’s because of puberty, which of course, she’s in now. Or it is just me who doesn’t like that kind of attitude.

The movie starts on the beach, and then you don’t immediately have that wonderful Christmas feeling you would expect. As a viewer, you also understand how much Kate hates it. Especially because her father was such a Christmas fanatic. However, don’t worry, they won’t stay long on the beach! So you will get your Christmas feeling!

Movie Review – The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Welcome to Santa’s Town

Through a mysterious villain, Kate and Jack get into the Nord Pol. Luckily! Countless elves work there to make Christmas as prosperous as possible. Elves, you know from the first movie, can also be seen in The Christmas Chronicles 2. Santa’s village is nice to see. You can still remember places, such as the room with letters where Kate ended up in 2018. Those are nice details for viewers who remember that from the previous movie.

They will not stay whole the movie at this location because Belsinkel wants to stop Christmas forever. Julian Dennison plays this character, but personally, I did not like his performance very much. Somehow I did not find him convincing enough. Through his deeds, Santa travels to other places.

Santa on adventure

The Christmas Chronicles 2 film feels like an adventure film, where Santa Claus has to travel to different places. We discover new mysterious parts, which makes it all even more magical.

Sometimes certain scenes feel similar to the first one. Like the emotional scenes of their deceased father, which is not forgotten in this film. There is a moment that felt similar but still different. For those who have seen the film, I’m talking about the airport scene.


The Christmas Chronicles 2 is an entertaining family movie, although I liked the first one better. Still, it’s definitely a movie for an evening on the couch!