Movie Plot – 7500: Terrorists are trying to take control of a flight between Berlin and Paris. The co-pilot struggles to save the passengers and crew’s lives while he is not allowed to open his door.

Director: Patrick Vollrath
Writers: Patrick Vollrath, Senad Halilbasic
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Omid Memar, Aylin Tezel

Tobias Ellis

7500 takes the idea of where we experience everything through the eyes of the protagonist. The whole film happens in one central place. In this case, we spend 100% of our time with the great actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tobias Ellis in an airplane cockpit.

I was fascinated by the trailer, but still, I didn’t have too many expectations because I thought there wasn’t too much to tell. My thought was that this was just going to be one of the so many hijack movies.

7500 has pleasantly surprised me. The beginning is touching and makes you feel powerless several times as a viewer, with Levitt fulfilling his brilliance role. 7500 typifies himself, especially during his entire playing time by his true-to-life environment and very realistic scenario.

No one enters the cockpit

The premise is very simple. As soon as we enter the cockpit, we don’t go outside. And no one enters unless they get permission. A good safety system and what makes all this so credible.

From the moment the terrorists attack, Tobias Elis locks up his own. Yet this causes an enormous amount of conflict. The passengers and his crew are on the other side while the criminals are walking around with sharp objects. The criminals, of course, intend to get into the cockpit and crash the plane.

Although Tobias is supposed to be safe, they threatened him to open it anyway. Of course, they do this by threatening people’s lives. And all you can do is look at it, and you feel how powerless he is towards them. Also, you feel the internal struggles as he can’t save everyone’s life.

Both the setting and the actors make this film feel very authentic, say lifelike. And it’s very nerve-wracking, it was intense for the entire duration of the movie.

The other side

What surprised me was that we also got to know the other side. And the movie isn’t justifying their behavior, as it’s totally unacceptable. I mean, no one can forgive terrorism.

However, we did get some interesting conversations between Tobias and one of the terrorists. I very much enjoyed this approach, as it felt different from other movies. Sure there are many plane hijack movies, but this one did stand out for me. Some will find this part to be too slow and long.


7500 was better than expected, especially thanks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What a strong performance, everything feels so real, and the suspense is high.