Movie Plot – The Phantom: The Phantom, descendant of a line of African superheroes, travels to New York City to stop a rich criminal genius from obtaining three magical skulls that would give him the secret of ultimate power.

Director: Simon Wincer
Writers: Lee Falk, Jeffrey Boam
Cast: Billy Zane, Kristy Swanson, Treat Williams

A mixture of everything

My cousin had seen this film four times before, but I never did. When he told me about it, he said there were pirates, jungle, monkeys, and New York in the movie. And that the superhero is kind of Tarzan, but with a cape. I thought this was a joke in my own mind, but in fact he wasn’t drooling at all.

There’s really a whole lot in this movie.

Of course, he is not Tarzan, but he is a superhero of his Jungle in Africa. This legacy is passed on with generations from father to son. And of course, they also have an outfit, and this is actually a purple suit. Nothing special actually, it looks a bit like very bad cosplay.

Also, I was asking my cousin what his powers were, and he told me “guns.” And goddammit he’s right, he had no special powers. I was confused about who wrote created this superhero: no special powers, a weird suit, and all that in a Jungle.

The Phantom

Quite amusing

For starters, this is not a good movie. Sorry, Dylan (my cousin). Although if you just settle down, it’s pretty okay. Just don’t think about it. It’s a narrower superhero movie with a smaller budget.

Also, the Phantom is played by Billy Zane. At first, I was like I know him from somewhere. And of course, he played in Titanic, one of the highest growing movies. He’s pretty good. I have no complaints about the guy, and I was surprised how build he was.

With that said, it’s a pretty nice adventure movie when you watch it purely for fun and don’t take a critical stance. It does contain a lot of well-made action scenes. For the rest, it feels like a mix of the first Batman film and an Indiana Jones film.


This is a very enjoyable film, enough action to keep the interest, but still a very mediocre film.