2020 may be a strange year, but this doesn’t stop us from seeing Christmas movies on Netflix.

By now, it has become a Christmas tradition for many: hanging out on the couch around Christmas and watching all the Christmas movies. Also, this year, many streaming services will come with new Original films around Christmas.

Last year, I had made a list on my blog as well, but it wasn’t specific to streaming services. Since the lockdown doesn’t offer many movies on the big screen, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give you streaming recommendations. These Christmas movies are on Netflix only for 2020. I will make a post for other streaming services.

Many movies are coming out on Netflix, and I probably won’t be able to watch them all. So if you’re like me, be wise with your choices! There will also be movies that aren’t Netflix Originals but are watchable on your streaming platform!


Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) don’t know each other yet, but they have one thing in common: they hate the holidays. Besides that, they are both single, and therefore they still have to sit at the children’s table at Christmas dinner or even worse; their family sends them on awkward dates.

When they meet for the first time after a particularly bad Christmas day, they agree to be each other’s ‘holidate’ at every festive occasion in the coming year. With a mutual dislike for the holidays and the certainty that they have no feelings for each other, they form the perfect team. But after a year of absurd celebrations, Sloane and Jackson discover that sharing everything they hate may just be something they’ve come to love unexpectedly…

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

Two years ago, Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) saved Christmas together with Santa Claus. A lot has changed since then. Kate has become a rebellious adolescent and is against the new composition of the family. She reluctantly spends Christmas in Cancun together with her mother, her mother’s new boyfriend, and his son Jack (Jahzir Bruno) and decides to run away. When a villain (Belsnickel) suddenly turns up and threatens to destroy the North Pole, Kate and Jack must again try to save Christmas together with Santa Claus.

Movie Review – The Christmas Chronicles II

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

In this Christmas story, we follow the wonderful toy maker Jeronicus Jangle (Forest Whitakers), who invents the most extraordinary things in the authentic town of Cobbleton. One day Jeronicus’ most valuable invention is stolen. When it turns out that his trusted pupil (Keegan-Michael Key) is behind it, it’s up to the clever and innovative granddaughter of Jeronicus (Madalen Mills) to help him. Together they do everything they can to bring back the magic.

Christmas on the Square

A case in which we can feel free to scratch our ears: why wasn’t there a Christmas movie starring Dolly Parton yet? Luckily there’s Netflix, who knows exactly what we need in the year 2020. Christmas on the Square is about a rich woman (Christine Baranski) who wants to chase some people out of her village. But then she gets a visit from an angel (Dolly Parton), and everything changes.

Operation Christmas Drop

This film is about Erica (Kat Graham): a hardworking, strict political assistant who has to get rid of her boss’s tropical base and the Christmas tradition of the Air Force. As a result, she misses Christmas with her own family but runs into Andrew. Andrew is an air force pilot and boss of the tropical base. The more she gets to know him, the more she’s going to like him…

Almost Christmas

Walter (Danny Glover) is the beloved head of the family. This Christmas he asks his family members if they all want to behave decently and get along well with each other, without quarrel. If they can make his wish come true and live well together under one roof for five days without quarrel, it will be a true miracle. We can’t wait for this film now!

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

A new part of The Princess Switch! Stacy, still played by Vanessa Hudgens, gets another lookalike in this movie. After Lady Margaret, she now has to deal with party girl Fiona, which means that Vanessa doesn’t play two roles again, but three.

Alien Xmas

According to Netflix, this film is heartwarming, feel-good and for children. Alien Xmas is about a group of certain aliens, who love to steal things. They want to try to steal the earth’s gravity in order to get hold of everything on the planet. The fate of the earth is in the hands of Santa Claus, his elves, the spirit of Christmas, and a generous little alien named X. This sounds too sweet for words!

Christmas with the Kranks

When Luther Krank decides to skip Christmas and go on vacation with his wife Nora, everything seems to be running smoothly. Until one day, his daughter calls and tells him that she is coming home for her parents at Christmas anyway. Now he is forced to fulfill all Christmas obligations again and get all the Christmas decorations back. As long as that is possible…


And this was my personal favorite of last year. Not everyone was a fan of it as the opinions were divisive. It is still okay to watch these Christmas movies on Netflix in 2020.

The clumsy and spoiled young man Jesper is from a rich background. His family owns a postal company. Jesper is selfish and shows no ambition. To kick his son’s ass, Jesper’s father sends him to a remote village in the North to become a mailman. The only problem? Nobody writes letters there. His lonely and unemployed existence between the grumpy inhabitants comes to an end when he befriends a special (Christmas) man, a toymaker named Klaus.