Movie Plot – Vampires vs. the Bronx : A group of young friends discover that there are vampires in the Bronx. Together they want to stop them.

Director: Osmany Rodriguez
Writers: Osmany Rodriguez, Blaise Hemingway
Cast: Jaden Michael, Gerald Jones III, Gregory Diaz IV

Three friends

The film is very light-hearted, and when I saw the trailer, it went to be a B-movie. In the end, it was also like that, but still, I thought the three kids were very good in their roles.

Together they have excellent chemistry. Think of groups of friends like in Stranger Things or IT. With that said, it makes the interactions and experiences much more fun.

It’s, in fact, a pretty funny teen-horror that has a 90s vibe. You know how they have an 80s vibe in Stranger Things? You can feel that here too, and it works to their advantage. Although it’s clear that this isn’t in those years, as there are smartphones. Yet this is what it feels like. In Stranger Things, they’re actually in the 80s thou.

Also, Method Man is in this movie as a Priest, and he’s hilarious. Without a doubt, one of my favorite characters.

Don’t take this film so seriously

There are political undertones such as gentrification. If you don’t know what that means, in short, making a poor neighborhood a little richer by attracting wealthy people. In this case, the Vampires take over businesses and houses, and it seems as if they want to refresh the neighborhood. Of course, people don’t know at first that this is about Vampires.

Some take these undertones too seriously. This is not something new that they invented, but to be honest, this time I didn’t care either. I just wanted to see a fun movie without overthinking it. You know, one of those pass-time movies.

vampires vs. the bronx


The humor is nice, and the youngsters have good chemistry like said before, which makes for a pretty strong first half. When the film shifts up a gear, and the focus is on the vampire stuff. It’s full-on cheesy. I don’t know if they wanted to make it scary, but I believe that wasn’t intended. It’s like a horror movie for kids/teens.

Vampires look good, but are far from being a masterpiece. Sometimes it feels like they are behind with special effects. There are scenes where they fly, and that was really weird. It’s like they were attached to something. That’s where it feels very 90s, for example. Also, there a lot of Blade references, which is a 90s film.

The group of youngsters also prepare them to fight against Vampires. They use every weapon that everyone knows to fight vampires: a wooden stake through the chest, holy water, crucifixes, and garlic. It’s really entertaining to see them suit up with those.


Vampires vs. The Bronx achieved its goal, as it kept me entertained for the duration. I basically like small movies like this.