Movie Plot – Get Out: A young African-American visits the folks of his white girlfriend for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about receiving him finally reaches a boiling point.

Director: Jordan Peele
Writer: Jordan Peele
Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford

Jordan Peele’s debut

In Get Out, we meet the very happy couple Chris and Rose. The two are really in love to their hearts’ content and are only too happy to show it to anyone. Rose thinks it’s time for the next step in the relationship, so she decides to take Chris to her parent’s house. There is only one thing that really bothers Chris: Rose has never told her parents he is an African-American guy. According to Rose, that doesn’t matter, but once they arrive at the house, Chris immediately notices that there is a strange atmosphere. Especially when the next day the annual party of the Armitage family takes place, he smells danger. What’s going on? Will Chris ever find out why it’s all so strange?

When I heard that Jordan Peele had directed a movie, I thought, huh? The guy from Jordan & Peele, the two comedians, and one of them has directed a movie? How?

Although, I heard a lot of positive reactions about his debut. Still, it took a long time before I saw one of his films. And I’m glad I finally saw Get Out. I liked the idea of engaging an interracial couple in a horror movie. And yes, since Peele himself is black, I fully understand him. He also speaks from his own experience. Apparently, he feels uncomfortable when he is the only black person in a group. And this also had an influence on this film.

A different type of Horror movie

When you say horror, you immediately think of strange entities that are starting to hunt down houses or people like in The Conjuring. Well, you don’t see that at all in Get Out. The horror in this film comes only from the human, and that actually makes it much scarier than any horror movie you could discover in recent years. From the very first minute, you can feel a very strange atmosphere, and that makes everything even more mysterious. The story may not progress quickly, but that doesn’t matter.

Jordan Peele gives the viewer the time to get fully involved in the Armitage family’s mysterious events. Peele’s script is waterproof, and the horror you see in the film is incredibly intelligent. Get Out really is a totally unique piece of cinema that you can’t compare with any film. This is a modern classic that everyone really must have seen.

So the horror in this film comes entirely from the characters that Jordan Peele came up with. And they are very nicely put together. Rose and Chris are a beautiful couple, just like Missy and Dean, Rose’s parents. At first glance, there is nothing wrong at all, but of course, you feel that something is not right here and there. The characters evolve incredibly well throughout the story, and that’s why you, as a viewer, are involved in everything right up to the last second. The film owes that in part to its strong performances. Daniel Kaluuya is doing really well as Chris. The silences, the way he looks at everything and everyone and his dialogues… it all comes across so well. Also, Allison Williams brings Rosie to the screen perfectly.


Get Out may not be quite what you expect for the real horror fans. There are no strange creatures who come to terrorize the characters in their sleep. The movie gives way to incredibly intelligent horror that scares you more than ever.