The second part of Quick Reviews, where I review movies but very shortly as it’s impossible for me to do all of them. After all, I’m just one guy.

Does that mean these films are less important? No, but I don’t have the time to do a long review on them all. There is still a possibility that I will make a long review of one of the mentioned films in the future.

The Hurt Locker

Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Writer: Mark Boal
Cast: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty

The Hurt Locker was a good movie and even won an Oscar, but still, it wasn’t my cup of thee. Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner delivered strong acting performances. Still, it’s a story that won’t stick with me. That’s why I have put it in my quick reviews.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Directors: Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
Writers: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin
Cast: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle

I had a really nice time with The Month Pythons. This was really funny and so random. I don’t know how they do it, but they manage to turn this into a cult movie.

Demolition man

Director: Marco Brambilla
Writers: Peter M. Lenkov, Robert Reneau, Daniel Waters
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock

What’s not to like about a movie with Stallone fighting Wesley Snipes in the action movie Demolition man. And I will never forget these sea shelves!

It’s a fun, thrilling action movie of the 90s. An instant classic, if you ask me!

Robin Hood: Man in tights

This is a good parody of the well-known Robin Hood stories. There are plenty of modern gadgets to be found in such a classic era, which is hilarious. It just doesn’t make sense.

I even combined this movie with a drinking challenge! And that is definitely worth it. Even though I wasn’t drinking, this film remains hilarious.

San Andreas

Director: Brad Peyton
Writers: Carlton Cuse
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario

Just a regular disaster movie with nothing new in it. Sure it can be a great time while sitting on your couch. It’s a movie you watch to see The Rock on your screen again. Nothing more, to be honest. Well, except for the beautiful Alexandra Daddario.


Director: Les Mayfield
Writers: Samuel W. Taylor, John Hughes, Bill Walsh
Cast: Robin Williams, Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald

A fun 90’s movie starring Robin Williams. However, Robin Williams’ character is really a bad husband. Like, come on, who forgets his marriage three times. That’s not okay.

Except for that, it does give you a great time and some of the CGI was really impressive for that time. Like, mindblowing. So props to that!