Movie Plot – Hubie Halloween: The story is about Hubie Dubois, a man with the heart in the right place. He is not loved in his hometown Salem. Even more so, he is constantly the target of ridicule because of his obsession with Halloween. This year, however, a real threat is walking around Salem on this holiday. Hubie takes on the task to fight him.

Director: Steven Brill (as Steve Brill)
Writers: Tim Herlihy, Adam Sandler
Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen

It’s another Adam Sandler movie!

At the end of this month, it’s time for Halloween again. I doubt very much if it can really be celebrated this year, but the thought that this wonderfully dark holiday is approaching is enough for me.

Adam Sandler, the uncrowned king of nonsensical comedies, must have thought so too. Recently, his latest film, Hubie Halloween, can be seen on Netflix. The roles are filled by Sandler’s trusted circle of friends and family. He himself plays the leading role: Hubie. The kind of man-child Sandler specializes in. Hubie still lives with his mother, is still the pee-pee of the town, and very scared.

A man of his word: If actor Adam Sandler wouldn’t win an Oscar for his excellent role in the crime thriller Uncut Gems, he would deliberately make a silly and ‘bad’ comedy. And he kept his promise.

Hubie Halloween

A grown child

In terms of story, Hubie Halloween isn’t much either. Sandler plays adult child Hubie Dubois. He is an irritating and meddling loser who is hated by the whole city. Hubie doesn’t care, and armed with his trusty thermos (a funny gimmick full of gadgets), he wants to prevent Halloween from getting out of hand. I really loved his thermos thou! Give me one of those, please!

Just to be clear, the film is a bad film as he announced it himself. Although, I’ve often had to laugh at the stupid jokes. I don’t want to leap forward too much, but I also found the bloopers hilarious. And sometimes even funnier than the jokes.

Adam Sandler really uses an annoying mumbling voice to play as Hubie. I don’t know why, but he can still get away with it. With others, I would turn off the TV right away, but with him, it’s not so difficult to continue on.

Some familiar names

In addition to Sandler’s rather irritating role, the talented comic cast is a plus to this comedy. You’ll have Ben Stiller, Rob Schneider, Ray Liotta, and a nice role for Steve Buscemi as Hubie’s mysterious neighbor with a big secret.

It’s actually more fun to see them than Adam Sandler himself. Also, because this usually comes as a surprise. There is also a little romance in the movie, but I really didn’t care about that.

I hope Adam Sandler will make other films again, which are sometimes more serious. His genre feels a bit outdated and is full of bad jokes. Sometimes they work, but most of the time, they don’t. On this Hubie Halloween, I thought they were quite ok.


Hubie Halloween is clearly for Adam Sandler fans. Otherwise, you watch the movie full of frustrations. I give it 2.5 stars because it made me laugh and I had a good time, but it’s a bad movie.