We already had Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and other streaming services. Recently Disney+ was added. The range of streaming services continues to grow and so do the ways to view them.

These are your best options to watch the streaming services.

More and more streaming services: but how to watch them?


The easiest and most elegant way to watch a streaming service is via an app on the smart-tv operating system of your television set itself. Many televisions, for example from brands such as Sony and Philips, already have a Netflix button, which takes you straight to the most famous streaming service. Or there is an app button, which gives you quick access to the available streaming services.

To put it simply, this kind of smart-tv works just like your smartphone: some apps will be pre-programmed, the others can be downloaded from the Store.

Google Chromecast

Smart features can be found in nearly 90 percent of all televisions on the market today. If you still have an older set in your home, don’t panic: if your television isn’t smart, you can make it smart. You can do that with a Google Chromecast, a small round device that doesn’t cost too much, that you can connect to one of the hdmi ports of your television. Then you can ‘cast’ the streaming channel from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your television.

I personally use a Chromecast as I don’t have a Smart Tv.

More and more streaming services: but how to watch them?

Apple TV

With Apple TV you have to pay attention: if you recently bought a new and very high quality 4k television, then you should also use the Apple TV 4k. By the way, Apple TV is the only device with which you lead the Apple TV+ streaming service directly to your TV. The service does not work – for the time being – via the Chromecast mentioned above.

There are media players with which the service is compatible, such as the Roku and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but they are hardly known or available to the market. Most other streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Mubi and Disney+, also have an app for Apple TVs. And of course you can also use it to stream series from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

More and more streaming services: but how to watch them?

Game consoles

This is not news to gamers, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles also have apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Mubi and Disney+. This can also be a handy solution if you don’t have smart-tv in your house. You do need to control it via the game controller which can be slightly annoying to some.

Nintendo Switch does not offer TV streaming services for the time being. The Wii U and even the original Wii can play Netflix, but the streaming service is gradually shutting down its support for the very oldest devices. The purchase of a second-hand console for video streaming is therefore not the most advisable choice.

More and more streaming services: but how to watch them?


Of course this is very obvious. Everything is available through the PC. You can watch the streaming services via this simple method. I do recommend watching movies through the television, as they make watching them more enjoyable.

However, you do have methods to watch a movie with friends online. And from a distance! So you see, it also has its advantages.