Movie Plot – The Crow: A man, Eric Draven, violently murdered comes back from the dead as an avenger with powers: He goes on a hunt for the murderers of him and his fiancée.

Director: Alex Proyas
Writers: John Shirley, David J. Schow
Cast: Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Rochelle Davis

A dark film

The theme of the Crow movie is “dark.” Every scene is shot in the dark. And it really works as it totally suits the stone. I’ve never seen this film before because when it got released, I was a kid. And this film is way too dark for kids, and also I never really made time for it until now.

Also, as the movie plot already gave it away. The backstory of Eric Draven is very violent and harsh. However, it is different from his backstory in the comic books. It’s mostly in the details. In this film, Eric Draven comes back to life after a year thanks to a crow. On top of that, he’s back for revenge.

There are a lot of flashbacks, and they’re also shot in the dark mixed with red lights. They may seem confusing, but they’re actually very understandable. You kind of have to get used to it. I did want to know more about his past, but that’s a bit of a nitpick.

The Crow Brandon Lee

The Crow is taking revenge

You don’t have to wait too long before he gets his first revenge. Multiple bad guys were involved during the rape/ killing of his girlfriend. This may seem fast but somehow doesn’t feel as “rushed.” After all, he’s taking his entire revene on one night.

His look /outfit really has a gothic style. It makes me wonder if Heath Ledger took inspiration from this for his Joker. Some even think that the new Batman starring Robert Pattinson resembles this. I can see why with the makeup around the eyes. Honestly, he looks awesome and his style fits well with this world.

Also, I’m not that acquainted with the Crow’s powers. It’s the first time that I learn about it. I have to admit that his powers are useful. First, he is immortal until he has accomplished his mission, and this also makes him immune to pain. Secondly, there is a crow where he can see through its eyes. And, there’s maybe even more. But then again, I”m no expert in the Crow.

It’s incredible to see how Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) uses his powers to fight crime. He even enjoys it and is very awesome to see. Especially that one scene of the shout out, where he got hit by many bullets and stood back up to finish them all.

Brandon Lee last film

Unfortunately, this was also Brandon Lee’s last film. He died on set on one of the last days of shooting. There was a scene where he got shot for his death scene, but he was struck by a real bullet instead of what supposed to be a blank. He died at a very young age like his father “Bruce Lee.”

I was amazed by his acting, as I’ve never seen a film with him. This was also the first time I’ve seen the Crow. And I’m not saying this to praise his last work. No, he’s actually really good. There was something twisted in him and, at the same time, something sweet in him.

There was another girl who was a friend of the murdered couple. And some discussions between them show the humanity of the Crow. And in those little moments, it showed how true of an actor he was. It never felt cringy or wrong. I also heard he was committed to the role, and I can tell by watching the film.

Too bad, he passed away too soon.


The first time watching “The Crow” is incredible! It’s an amazing dark movie, and I was surprised by Brandon Lee’s acting. He was truly a perfect fit for the role.

Also, there are still talks about making a new Crow movie. Now that I’ve seen this, I’m totally down for it. However, I’m not sure if they can top Brandon Lee.


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