Movie Plot – The New Mutants: a secret facility are holding five young mutants against their will. It’s a place where they learn to control their powers while confronting their past sins.

Director: Josh Boone
Writers: Josh Boone, Knate Lee
Cast: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga

The five mutants

The New Mutants focuses on five different mutants in a facility with one doctor/supervisor. Right from the start, you can feel something is up with this place. They say it’s for them to learn to control their powers so they won’t be a danger to themselves and others. However, you feel something is wrong.

The young mutants reminded me of The Breakfast Club. Now, I’m not saying it’s the same movie, or as good as it. But every mutant had this typical characteristic: the nice girl, the bad boy, the bitch, the sad one, and the main character (newcomer). And every one of them had a different background, but at the same time, somehow comparable. There was still a common ground despite them being different from one and other.

The movie has a slow buildup, and I understand if you get bored with it. Many people will. There is not that much action in it. However, that was okay for me. I didn’t mind as I was more curious about their character and past.

The cast

The actors were doing great with what they were giving. So, I can’t really blame them. And it may seem as I’m not too fond of this movie, but I still think it’s okay. However, I did not have any expectations for this film. I even had low expectations, but not too low if you understand what I mean. That’s also probably why I thought it was fine.

There are some moments where their accents felt off. One of the examples is Charlie Heaton. He is the one from Stranger Things. Like I said, with what he had to work with, he did a fine job. However, sometimes he was talking with an accent, and other times it felt like he sounded like himself. As in without the accent. So that threw me off a bit.

It’s different

I have to give this film credits for being different than your typical comic book movie. It does feel different, but at the same time, they don’t fully commit to it. That’s also why I thought it was okay, but also not memorable, which is unfortunate.

I hoped that there was more character development. They all had a terrible past, and they were all dealing with it in their own way. And that was something very interesting. Unfortunately, the movie fails at its execution of it. It’s like I said, they don’t fully commit to it. I needed more of it to make that work. I went to see this movie with my cousin, and he said that he didn’t care for any of them. And, he’s right. You don’t really care for any of them.

Instead, it had some horror elements in it, but then again, it didn’t feel like a horror movie. The film doesn’t know where to focus on. Also, The New Mutants is very predictable. You know who the villains are, and they make a mystery behind the main character’s powers. But you figured that out really quickly. So, don’t expect to be surprised.


The New Mutants is a very average movie, and also forgettable. It’s not as bad then people make it seem to be. However, it’s a movie that I only need to see once.