I’ve recently watched The Notebook, and I was wondering where the Lake Location was. Furthermore, I wanted to know if there were white geese too. Now I’ve done some research so I can answer these questions.

As you all may know, it’s one of the romantic scenes. I’ll put the video down below as a refresher:

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Where is the Lake Location?

The lake scenes were shot in Cypress Gardens (Moncks Corner, South Carolina). Let’s be honest, even without geese and ducks, the lake looks beautiful! This one is definitely worth a visit. Even if it is for an Instagram photo.

As the name Cypress Gardens might give away, the lake isn’t the only attraction here. You have lots of miles of walking/hiking paths, on top of that, it goes through swamps and gardens. How awesome is that?

You can also keep an eye out for wildlife! Some animals are behind a fence or cage. And there is also an alligator, but don’t worry, he can’t attack you in any way.

How about the swans?

Unfortunately, it won’t be the same as in the film when you go there.

The animals were not native to the area, so they were imported one month before the shoot and specially trained so that they learned to follow boats and appear on the screen as the director wanted. All this had to be done around the month of January so that they could be filmed when the resident alligators were in their winter sleep. Walking Visitors to Cypress Gardens can easily spot the location used in the film.

Boat rides available!

There may not be any geese or white ducks, but you can still take a boat out on the lake. Of course, you have to pay extra for this, but all the prices are really good at Cypress Gardens. And just for your information: I don’t promote this garden, but they just have very low prices. It’s only 5 dollars for a boat trip.

This can also be a perfect opportunity to ask someone to marry you. You just have to make sure you don’t fall off the boat. But then again, this would be an awesome proposal.

Do you want to plan a wedding?

If you’re going to get married and want to do it near the Lake Location of The Notebook, then I have good news! Cypress Gardens offers wedding possibilities for any amount of guests. The park features many family attractions for the perfect adventure.

And you’re wedding will be just like in the movies. You can get married under a Wedding Gazebo, which is surrounded by beautiful blackwater swamp. On top of that, the brides can make a grand entrance by bridal boat. That’s one of the coolest entrances for a wedding!

There is also some Facility Rental available, which is always welcome in these situations.

Lake Location of The Notebook Cypress Gardens

The Notebook wasn’t the only movie that was filmed here

Most would like to go here for the scene of The Notebook. However, that’s not the only movie that was filmed here. And not just movies, but TV shows.

These are the popular films that were shot in Cypress Gardens:

Yes, Mel Gibson was here too. And so was: Patrick Swayze, Jude Law, Heath Ledger, and Katherine Heigl.

And these are the TV shows:

  • North and South (1985) TV Miniseries
  • Rear View Mirror (1984) TV
  • Sell This House on AETV (2010) TV
  • The Tempest (1998) TV
  • The Yearling (1994) TV
  • This Morning on ITV1 (2011) UK TV

While you’re there, don’t forget to ask the staff to see the spots. They will be glad to help you out.

Only 25 miles away from Charleston

Charleston is not that far from the more location of The Notebook. For some of you, this will already ring a bell. Other scenes were filmed here, and therefore you can’t miss this one if you’re in the area.

Film locations:

  • The College of Charleston: this was used as the backdrop for Allie’s college.
  • King Street: this is where Noah and Allie were watching the traffic lights while lying down. Fun fact: there is actually no traffic light there, they brought it especially for the scene
  • Historic American Theatre: this one is also in King Street, and is where they watched a film.
  • William Aiken House: this was used for the wedding dress fitting scene
  • Old Navy Base: this had multiple purposes:
    • Production offices
    • Some interior shots were taken in the admiral’s house
    • The desanctified chapel had multiple set transformations: USO dance hall, military physical exam room, recruiting hall, and the infirmary.
    • High Cotton: the scene where Allie was dining with her fiancée when Noah finds about them. It’s where he was looking through the restaurant window.

As you can see, many scenes were filmed in Charleston. There are still some others to find in South Carolina.

I hope I helped you out with my research on the Lake Location of The Notebook. Let me know if you’ve already been there and how it was!

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