Movie Plot – Robocop 3: Robocop saves the day. Now, the half-man/half robot takes on ruthless developers who want to drive out some people on “their” land.

Director: Fred Dekker
Writers: Frank Miller, Fred Dekker
Cast: Robert John Burke, Nancy Allen, Mario Machado

I had low expectations for the Robocop 3 movie

Before I set up this film, I knew that many people thought it was bad. Even on IMDB, this film has a bad score.

Now, I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated. And I certainly don’t want to say that the movie was good. Although aside from all the missteps, I was pretty entertained.

If you’ve never seen the movie and wonder why it’s so bad. It’s mostly because of silly things like employees jumping out of a window because of too much stress. Okay, if that was just one guy, it was acceptable. But then you hear someone say, that’s already the fourth one this week. That’s a little too much. And that is just one example. You can compare it to Superman IV: A Quest for Peace.

No more Peter Weller

Peter Weller didn’t play Robocop this time, but now it was Robert John Burke. And frankly, he really looked like him. Although there were differences, but in terms of look, they were minimal.

Although he felt different from Peter Weller’s Robocop, but that’s mainly because of his lines. There are a lot of stupid puns. It’s cringy and misplaced.

I also miss the good character building of the previous movies. The first Robocop film worked perfectly because we wanted to see him regain his humanity. Now he’s himself, but I missed something. I wanted more backstory of his character.

Robocop 3

War in future Detroit

The plot is mainly about a war between the people being sent away and angry businessmen with an army named OCP. And this all happens in a new futuristic Detroit.

I have to say I thought this was really weird, even for a movie. However, the leader of OCP Paul McDaggett, who is played by John Castle, was the highlight of the movie. He was great in this film and definitely one of the strongest points of the film.

There is a war in this film, but still, there is not much violence like the previous films. The others were really known for how bloody it was, but that was also part of the Robocop Franchise’s house brand. In this film, this was really absent.

This time there is also another Asian cyborg, which has a lot of sword skils. And also has a lot of fighting skills. At first, I thought it was cool, those fights are going to be cool. And oh my god, these were really super disappointing. There was never an awesome moment of Robocop out, rather cringy moments where he falls a lot. Oh and yes, the new cyborg can really make weird creepy faces sometimes.


Robocop 3 is the worst of the three. Although this is not a good movie, this one is actually still enjoyable. But it is also good to see for one time only. There are too many missteps that ruin the film.