Movie Plot – Palm Springs: Nyles wakes up on the same day, over and over again. When one of his encounters Sarah is trapped in the same cycle, things get even more complicated.

Director: Max Barbakow
Writer: Andy Siara
Cast: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons

A fun movie

Let’s start off by saying this is a short funny movie. It has a duration of an hour thirty and it will guarantee you a fun time. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie that will make you laugh than this is a good choice for you.

Andy Samberg is in the movie, and we all know him as a funny guy. And also from “The Lonely Island” or “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“. However, in this movie he’s not only hilarious but also has a lot of charms. Cristin Milioti is also in this film, but I’ve only seen her in “How I Met Your Mother”. I got to say, she’s also really likable. She’s that kind of girl who you want to hang out with.

And last but not least, we got J.K. Simmons in this movie who steals the show every time he’s on it. Honestly, he does that in every film. The man really has a strong presence in every movie. It was also nice to see him in a comedy as it seems he was having fun.

You may recognize the premise of Groundhog Day, however, it’s done differently. They get to wake up every day on the same day. And it’s smart, fun and highly enjoyable.

Wonderfull chemistry

The romance between Andy and Cristin is really good. Andy Samberg has a great charisma I didn’t know he had. We don’t actually know how long he’s been stuck in the infinite loop, but it seems to be a lot. Somewhere, I actually wanted to know for how long. But then again, it doesn’t matter.

When Cristin’s character is also stuck in the loop of time, Nyles (Andy Samberg) has someone new to spend time with who’s experiencing the same thing. Which is great as the other characters are doing the same thing over again. And she remembers, so suddenly it’s less lonely.

They’re having fun, making mischief, and resetting the day together. Like I’ve mentioned before, Cristin Milioti seems to be a fun girl to hang out with. So for me, that made the chemistry feel more real. When you’re having a great time with each other, that’s a great win for me. And also, I believe that she’s a very attractive woman.


Palm Springs guarantees you a good time! I don’t even have anything negative to say about it. It’s a fun movie, and they do it in the right way!