Movie Plot – Batman Returns: a deformed man who is called the Penguin lived years in the sewers. Now he makes an appearance on the surface world where he wants to become mayor of Gotham. However, his real actions aren’t what it seems to be. And only, Batman can stop him!

Director: Tim Burton
Writers: Daniel Waters, Sam Hamm
Cast: Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Michael Gough

Batman is back

There is definitely more fighting in Batman Returns. If you want to see Batman beat up scum on the street, then you are in for a treat.

He still kills thou, but hey other time, so I’m okay with it. Just don’t do it ever again, DCEU! Some of the kills are even hilarious like that one time he stuck explosives to a guy. That is something Batman won’t ever do, but it’s so funny. I’m going to leave the video down below:

Besides that, there is a lot of fighting, which is great. It’s like he’s not even breaking a sweat. You got to love Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Tim Burton Style

When it comes to design, it’s Tim Burton‘s style all the way in. Even Christopher Walken has Tim Burton’s hairstyle.

I always loved how the first two Batman movies looked. The visuals were dark and gritty but still looked like a comic book movie, which totally worked. Gotham looked like how it supposed to be. On top of that, this takes place in Wintertime and that makes it even better.

Furthermore, the character’s design screams Tim Burton all over the place. Catwoman’s outfit suits his style, and so does the Penguin. However, I really hated how he looked, and at the same time, I thought it was awesome. He just looked disgusting, and that’s why I still have a hard time watching him. I was always disgusted by his teeth and slimming mouth. Bwerk, but yeah, that’s how it supposed to be. In addition, the clowns are very Tim Burtonish too.

Batman Returns

The Penguin and Catwoman

Danny Devito is the perfect choice for playing “The Penguin.” He really looked scary and ugly. And as mentioned before, he was hard to look at. Not only was he horrific, but he was still a businessman. Or at least thinking like one as he wanted to become mayor of Gotham City. However, you don’t want to work for him as he will bite your nose.

His origin story is somehow weird, and once again, it’s made in a Tim Burton‘s style. The idea of him growing up with Penguins is hard to believe. However, this is a comic book movie. So let’s accept it how it is.

Oh, and .. he’s a pervert. Just pay attention to his comments. Ewww.

Same goes for the origin story of Seline Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer.) She falls of a building and get … licked by cats? And that’s how she became Catwoman.

However, I liked Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. Too bad she didn’t play in Batman Forever, but that’s due to studios’ involvement. She was very acrobatic and had an awesome bad girl attitude.

There was also some romance between Bruce Wayne and Seline Kyle, while there was some between Catwoman and Batman. It’s like they act to be two different persons with different feelings. It sounds weird, but works out fine. I always was a fan of the complicated Batman and Catwoman romance.


We do get to see more of who Batman is, while still keeping it mysterious. And this was also the last time that Michael Keaton played like Batman. Click here to find out why. However, it seems that Michael Keaton is going to return as Batman in a new movie! I’m super excited about that.

Batman has to deal with a lot in this film. His car gets hacked, so Penguin could crash him. And, Catwoman and Penguin also frame him for a murder he didn’t do. And all this while trying to have a romance with Catwoman. But this movie is very exciting and one of my favorites. However, I liked the first movie more.

And, we still don’t get to see much backstory of Batman, which is unfortunate. It’s more like a highly enjoyable superhero movie, where the good guy has to beat the bad guy. Well, that’s maybe oversimplified, but it is the way I feel about this film.


Batman Returns is an excellent sequel and one of the best Batman Movies. It’s really a shame that Tim Burton didn’t get to direct the other sequels. I loved his directing style and fitted the Batman films so well.