There are many movie death scenes by falling, too much that I care to count. This method has been overused, but some of them were very Iconic. So I decided to make a ranked list about it.

Honestly, I rather have other creative methods to kill of a character.

Also, there will be some spoilers, so spoilers ahead. Without further ado, let’s start!

Movie death by falling

11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Evil Queen

This the oldest movie on the list. I rewatched this film a thousand times as a kid and I was always looking forward to the dwarfs taking revenge.

The defeat of the Evil Queen was so satisfying. However, it was pretty dark for a kids movie.

10. Dredd – Ma-ma

You don’t want to f**k with Dredd. The villain Ma-Ma died by falling, however, she saw it all in slow-motion due to the drugs she took. That made it all extra terrifying. And also, this has been done creatively. It’s not that she’s simply falling to her death, but the extra time it takes is something we haven’t seen before.

And if you hated Cersei of Game Of Thrones. Well, sit back and enjoy.

9. Robocop – Dick Jones

Robocop struggles to kill Dick Jones as he has to respect his en-scripted directives. He can’t kill the villain as long he’s a member of the company. However, once he was fired, he didn’t hesitate to shoot him and let him fall to his death.

Also, this is some bad CGI. Watch closely and you can see that his arms are way too long.

8. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom – Mola Ram

The last bridge fight in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was awesome. When the bridge gets cuts in two, some villains fall to their death while the leader still holds on. Although not for long, as he was trying to get to the top. However, our heroes kicked his ass, and ultimately, he falls to his death, only to be eaten by crocodiles.

Honestly, even if he would have killed Indiana Jones there, he would still die. I mean, the others were already up and all they had to do was to kick his hands.

7. The Amazin Spiderman 2 – Gwen Stacy

I know this movie isn’t loved by many, but it’s one of my guilty pleasures. What I absolutely loved about it was the romance between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on screen.

Unfortunately, their romance comes to an end. When Spiderman was fighting the Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy started to fall from inside of a clocktower. Unfortunately, Spiderman was too late to save her. I was hoping to see a third film where we could see how that impacted his life, but as we all know, that got canceled.

6. Beauty and The Beast – Gaston

Damn, I miss the old Disney Animated Movies. They could be so dark from time to time, especially the ending of Beauty and the Beast.

The fight between Gaston and the Beast was so exciting. But once it looked like the fight was over, as the Beast already showed that he was superior. Then Gaston backstabbed the Beast. However, by doing that, he slips and falls to his death.

5. Lion King – Mufasa

Prepare your tissues because this is where every kid cried. I bet no one would forget this memorable scene of the well-crafted Disney movie “Lion King.”

Long live the king!

4. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Gollum

The ultimate conclusion to one of the best trilogies. When Frodo had to return the ring to Mount Doom. That is where Gollum bites of Frodo’s finger to take the ring for himself. Obviously, they were both possessed and wanted the ring for their selves.

However, this was also Gollum’s downfall. Well, literately as he falls down in Mountain Doom with the ring.

3. Batman – Joker

Michael Keaton will forever be iconic as Batman, but so is Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Although, this Batman kills.

And of course the Joker dies in this movie. At the final confrontation, he wants to escape with the help of a helicopter. But this does not allow Batman and uses his funny corner to stop the Joker. Suddenly Joker hangs his leg from a statue, which eventually means the end of his life.

2. Die Hard – Hans Gruber

Yippie ka Yee Motherf**er.

Hans Gruber was one of the most menacing villains that Alan Rickman ever played. Yes sure, he’s also famous for playing Professor Snape in the Harry Potter Franchise, but he will always be Hans Gruber for me.

Did you know that when Alan Rickman did the fall, he was actually falling from a 21-foot high model? A stuntman was holding him and dropped him on the count of two, instead of three. That way they got the right reaction for the film.

1. Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi – The Emperor

My favorite trilogy is without a doubt the Original Stars Wars movies.

Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi had a fantastic ending. When Luke decides to not give in to the dark side, Palpatine tortures him and plans to kill him. However, Darth Vader finds it in his heart to save his son and throws the emperor to his death. This made Darth Vader redeem himself, but yeah let’s not talk about the millions he killed.

This was for me the best movie death by falling.