Movie Plot – Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga: Lars and Sigrit dreams of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. When they finally get a chance to participate, they want to prove to everyone that any dream is worth fighting for.

Director: David Dobkin
Writers: Will Ferrell, Andrew Steele
Cast: Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens, Pierce Brosnan, Graham Norton

A Will Ferrell movie

If you were hoping for an inspiring Eurosong movie, then you might be disappointed. However, if you’re familiar with With Ferrel movies, then you should know what to expect.

I’m honestly on the edge of this film. I thought it was okay, but not good, although I laughed a couple of times. I wasn’t amazed by it because I compare it with other films starring Will Ferrell. That’s maybe unfair toward this movie because Anchorman is my favorite comedy film. And that’s hard to top.

In spite of all my critics, it’s still a fun time. Will Ferrel is hilarious as always, and the addition of Rachel McAdams is surprisingly good. I do love his accent of Iceland. That was superb.

Who I loved the most in this film was Pierce Brosnan because it was unexpected. His accent was excellent, and I was always looking forward to seeing him on screen. Even if he starts out to be a disappointed dad. Yeah, he’s Will Ferell’s dad in this one. Just awesome! Honestly, I’ve never seen him play in such a role. I would watch this movie, only to see him again in this role.


Every year in Europe, a huge singing contest is held where every country sends a singer to represent them. I know in America, this isn’t really famous, but in Europe, everybody knows it. However, not everyone is a fan of it. The contest can be a bit “special.” And sometimes it’s a bit too special.

It did deliver some very famous artists like Conchita Wurst, Celine Dion, and ABBA. They actually started the film by showing ABBA on the television and winning the big competition. That was where the characters began to get interested in singing and gave them their dream to pursue.

Some of the Eurovision winners made appearances in the film. They even had an awesome mash-up with multiple winners. Even if I wasn’t a big fan of the movie, that mash-up was awesome. Other winners could be seen throughout the film. So if you know some of them, keep your eyes open!

Also, there were some typical Eurovision aspects of the film. The crazy decor, the costumes, the goofy songs, and other stuff. A great hats off to this huge music celebration.

The last part was surprisingly emotional. Something I didn’t expect, and also made the film slightly better than it was. So stick around till the end, except if you really hate Will Ferrell movies.


Don’t expect a serious adaptation of Eurovision, but a goofy Will Ferrell Movie. If you do that, you might enjoy The Story of Fire Saga.