There are many types of Movie Monsters, but which one are the best ones? Most of them are scary. However, some of them are used for comedic purposes.

This list will consist of all my favorite Movie Monsters I’ve seen in films. Some famous ones won’t be included like the monster of Frankenstein, because I actually never seen a movie with him. Another famous one is the Wolfman. Shame on me!

My Favorite Movie Monsters

best movie monsters - gremlins


Who doesn’t love the Gremlins Movie? When this film came out, everyone wanted a Gizmo. However, the other Mogwai’s were not as cute him. They caused mischief and made a mess everywhere. On top of that, they transformed themselves into Gremlins because they ate after midnight.

They multiply by water and are very dangerous little creatures!

The Mummy

The mummy and Indiana Jones movies were reasons why I wanted to became an archaeologist. However, I never became one as my interest changed during the years.

There are multiple Mummy adaptations, but I’m talking about the one in 1999, which also had a sequel. I thought he was scary and threatening. I actually saw the film when I was a kid, but I still enjoyed it even if I was scared.

Egyptian history always fascinated me, so when a mummy came back to live, I was hooked!

The Rancor

In the first part of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker fell into a trap where he was stuck with a monster, known as the Rancor.

The monster was used to devour prisoners at Jabba the Hut’s place. An easy way to get rid of someone. This scene was one of my favorites when I was a kid.


The Predator is an Alien who loves to hunt. On earth, he kills people for sport!

It might be cruel. However, we can admire the creature for respecting his own code. He won’t kill if you’re not armed or if he doesn’t feel threatened. That’s not something regular monsters would do.

I was also late to the party as I’ve only seen two of the Predator films this year. And, I have to say, I truly love the franchise!


If you’re ever looking for a fun Monster movie, then you should watch Pacific Rim. It’s basically robots fighting monsters, and one of them is the Otachi.

He was one of the largest Kaiju’s that was ever recorded. However, that’s not the only reason why I loved the creatures. Its design is incredible, the monster is covered with armor and shines blue.


This one might be the most beloved monster for his kindness. Monster inc. was such a fun movie and one of the best Pixar Movies ever.

In this fantastic animated movie, monsters have to scare children to power up their city. However, Sulley met a little girl named Boo and started to change. Instead of the big scary monster he was, he became the kind careful monster who wanted to bring Boo safely home.


There are many different movies with Count Dracula in it. He’s like the superior of all vampires.

You have a lot of classic movies, but also some new adaptations. He’s present in comics, films, books, tv series, and games.

Xenomorph (Alien)

The Alien (sometimes also called Xenomorph) is a fictional alien parasitic creature.

It has different guises, in which the films and other media are often varied. They are extremely aggressive in every movie and smart, except for the film Alien: Resurrection.

The Aliens have a lifestyle similar to that of ants and wasps; for example, only special Aliens called Queens can reproduce, and young Aliens undergo several transformations before reaching their adult form. The Aliens use a host body for reproduction.

King Kong

King Kong is a huge fictional gorilla, who lives on the equally fictional island of Skull Island. This island is also populated by other prehistoric giant animals, including dinosaurs. It first appeared in the 1933 film “King Kong.”

King Kong has grown into a cultural icon. He has appeared in several American and Japanese films, including a crossover with Godzilla.

I really liked the Peter Jackson King Kong movie. I thought Skull Island was an average movie, but not as great as the one of its predecessor.


Last but not least! The king of all monsters, Godzilla! Godzilla is today one of the best-known elements of Japanese folk culture. The monster is known worldwide and besides films also appears in numerous comics, books and computer games. He’s maybe even the best of all the movie monsters.

I still have to watch the last Godzilla movie, which is something I should have done a long time ago as I enjoyed the first one. Also, one of 1998 is a guilty pleasure of mine.

There are many movie adaptations of Godzilla. Probably more than 20 movies.