Movie Plot – Predator 2: Another Predator is hunting humans in 1997. This time he kills members of two different gangs, but only to get to his main target, a cop.

Director: Stephen Hopkins
Writers: Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Cast: Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Kevin Peter Hall

Danny Glover is the new target

In the first Predator film, we had Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, it’s time for Danny Glover to shine! He was already famous for playing Lethal Weapon, which is a great buddy cop classic. If you haven’t seen that one shame on you!

I didn’t mind the switch from Arnold to Danny Glover. The predators shouldn’t always hunt the same guy, and it is also in another time period.

Danny Glover plays lieutenant Mike Harrigan, who is a rule-breaking, short-tempered down-town cop. I believe that, therefore, the Predator took some interest in him. He sets him as his new target but doesn’t kill him immediately. Instead, he takes everything out in which he is involved. That also includes the clans from the gang wars. It’s like the Predator wants to kill him last.

More Predator

As we all know, Predators love to hunt. In this sequel, they do a much better job developing the Predator. We get to see new gadgets and tactics. This isn’t just a crazy alien who kills things. It’s an intelligent being.

We also get to see more screentime with the Predator. In the other film, we had more Arnold then Predator. Now, there is more Predator.

I love that the Predator only attacks people with a weapon or who he considers being a threat. Otherwise, they aren’t a challenge for him. Like sure, they still kill people, but they do have some respect for the hunt.

What also surprised me is that he showed compassion for a pregnant woman. He is not willing to take the life away from someone who is expecting a baby.

I’ve watched all the Alien movies, but I have to say that I enjoy the Predator franchise more. Although I would say that Alien is a better movie, however, I feel more excited when I’m watching Predator.

A worthy sequel to the original Predator movie.

Predator 2 is definitely a great watch. Is it better than the first movie? No, it is not. I enjoyed the first one more, but this was fantastic too. It made me even more excited about the entire Predator Franchise.

Reasons why I believe the first one to be better: Arnold Schwarzenegger, I know he’s such a goofy bodybuilder with his one-liners, but that’s also what I love about the guy. There were so many memorable lines in that film: “Stick around,” “Get to the chopper,” and “You’re one ugly motherf*cker.”

Another reason is also that it was new and exciting. We didn’t know when the Predator was going to kill his first victim of the squad. And the waiting for the Predator to make an appearance was also equally exciting.


Finally, I understand why many people love this franchise so much. It’s never too late to watch these films as they still hold up. If you’re like me and never saw these films before, give it a try! You won’t be disappointed if you love action movies.


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