Movie Plot – Spies in Disguise: The world’s best spy gets turned into a pigeon by a tech guy, Walter. Now, they have to rely on each other to save the world.

Directors: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
Writers: Lucas Martell, Cindy Davis, Brad Copeland, Lloyd Taylor
Cast: Will Smith, Tom Holland, Ben Mendelsohn, Karen Gillan, Rachel Brosnahan, Jarrett Bruno, Claire Crosby

Spies in Disguise surprised me

I had low expectations when I decided to watch Spies in Disguise as I wasn’t totally sold by the movie trailers. Not that their trailers were terrible, but I just had a bad feeling about this film being great.

And, the movie surprised me. I enjoyed watching Spies in Disguise, so it definitely exceeded my expectations. It was actually based on a short film and was targeted at kids.

Now, the film is predictable, and it has a typical movie message that everything can be solved without violence. Well, basically a kids’ movie. So don’t expect mind-blowing stories as it’s a pretty straightforward story.

As a kid’s movie, I believe that Spies in Disguise did a great job. It’s a fun watch, even for adults who are watching this film with their kids. I wanted to be entertained, and Spies in Disguise succeeded in that.

Will Smith and Tom Holland

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Will Smith voice a character in an animated movie. The last time I’ve seen him play one was Shark Tale, which came out in 2004.

Tom Holland, however, played in another animated movie in the same year. He played in the animated movie Onward. Given these points, his schedule must be full, and he’s right. I love to see the guy play in movies.

Tom and Will work perfectly together. When Will acts cool and smooth, Tom plays it awkward and clumsy, which are perfect for their roles. Their voices match their characters perfectly.

There are even some emotional moments between them, which were sweat. Sometimes I hoped that they would have exploited that a tiny bit more. However, I’m okay with it.

When the spy turned into a pigeon

The premise is simple: a super spy gets turned into a pigeon and has to save the world. Simple but funny.

When Lance (Will Smith) accidentally drinks from a potion that Walter (When Lance (Will Smith) accidentally drinks from a potion that Walter (Tom Holland) created, he transforms into a pigeon. On top of that, the antidote wasn’t created yet, so lance, the superspy, has to stay as a flying bird for a while.

The idea behind the pigeon potion was to spy on their enemies while being invisible. Only that it’s not totally invisible, but no one would expect a pigeon to spy on them.

It’s funny to see Will Smith react when he became a pigeon. He comes off as very surprised and angry towards Walter. Well, yeah, who wouldn’t be? And he gets 360° vision because pigeons’ eyes are on the side. If you were wondering if he can fly, well, he can’t as he has to figure it out first.


Spies in Disguise was better than expected. It’s a fun watch with a great cast. So if you want to see Will Smith and Tom Holland in a film, this is the film for you!