Movie Plot- Robocop 2: Our favorite Cyborg Cop is back to protect the citizens of old Detroit and to kill bad guys. However, this time a new threat is coming! He has to face his new enemy RoboCop 2.

Director: Irvin Kershner
Writers: Frank Miller, Walon Green
Cast: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Belinda Bauer, Tom Noonan, Garbriel Damon

Machine or man?

At the beginning of the film, Robocop deals with internal conflicts of who he is. A man or a machine? However, all the tech guys tell him he’s only a machine, making Robocop comply with their thoughts. Although, it seems to be that he wants to keep his humanity for himself.

There were definitely signs of him still being human. For example, he passed with his car at his wife’s place. So, that proves that there is something behind the machine. I thought that part was very interesting, and I was missing that in the first film.

I wished I would have seen more of his wife. After the first part of the film, it’s like she was forgotten. Robocop just moved on. That was a bummer.

I have to admit that I liked Robocop more in this film as he felt more humane to me.

Some new enemies

First off, there are a lot of bloody scenes in Robocop 2. Maybe even more than it’s predecessor. You had horrible torture scenes, like with the corrupt cop on the operating table. That was just terrifying, however, this dark tone is a trademark of the Robocop Franchise.

Second, the new villains are different from Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith.) For the record, he was the first villain. And I have to say that they can’t top him. Now, there is a villain named Cain (Tom Noonan), who is weird and a drug addict. He was a menacing guy, but Clarence was way scarier.

Lastly, we have a kid who is like a though villain. He’s Cain’s sidekick, Hob, who is only twelve years old. The writers did this to show that crime has no age barrier. Even a kid can be involved. He did act like a grown-up and showed that he was in control. However, sometimes I still find his appearance to be not that menacing, because you know … he’s a kid.

They both may not be Clarence. However, they did manage to beat Robocop once. On top of that, they torture him by cutting him into pieces. And according to the scientist, he can feel pain, so that must have been horrible. I wouldn’t want to be in his place.

Robocop 2

Let’s talk about the new Robocop 2. So a new improved has to fight our favorite Robocop now. It was a great fight, to be honest. However, the CGI can take you off in the battles. There were other weird CGI moments in the film who were weird, but they didn’t bother me. During the fights, it was off, but yeah, okay for its time.

I wouldn’t say I liked that the new Robocop 2 had a screen where we could see Cain’s face. It looked so horrible and wasn’t recognizable. I felt like they could have let that part out. It was stupid and weird.

I enjoyed the second film more

Please hear me out before you shoot me off. I know that not everyone love the second film. Furthermore, I recognize that the first Robocop movie was better. It had a better script. There were less weird stuff and cringy moments. And, talking about cringy moments, the rewriting of his protocols was super cringy and unnecessary.

However, I did enjoy Robocop 2 more. Mostly because I felt that there was more humanity in Robocop. I really had a good time watching it, even if it wasn’t a great movie.

What are your thoughts on the sequel? Did you enjoy the first film more? Let me know!


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