Movie Plot – Capone: this film is based on the last year of Al Capone’s (Tom Hardy) life when he had dementia and other health issues.

Director: Josh Trank
Writer: Josh Trank
Cast: Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Al Sapienza, Gino Cafarelli, Mason Guccione

Tom Hardy as El Capone

I never get tired of hearing Tom Hardy’s grumping voice. It’s something that only works for him in a good way. Capone was someone who suffered from neurosyphilis, so he had to act like that.

However, his voice felt a bit too much in the beginning. At first, I wasn’t sure I would be able to watch the film because of it. But thankfully, the more the movie processes, the more you get used to it. And it’s actually a good voice. However, I still feel like this is acted. Obviously, it is, but I mean it doesn’t feel natural, and the emphasis is on the acting.

He sure looked like crap as he’s dealing with a severe illness. So props to that! There was also a small scene where we saw Tom Hardy in a younger Capone’s body, which I thought looked menacing.

Al Capone has a lost son named Tony in this film. In reality, there is no actual record of him. So I’m not sure he even existed. I hope he did because I prefer that the filmmakers give us information about real persons who have existed.

Another name Al Capone is famous for is Scarface.

Dealing with dementia

I’m first going to give you some back-knowledge of Al Capone: In the mid-1930s, Capone began to show signs of dementia, probably from the incurable syphilis he suffered as a young man. In 1932, he was sent to prison in Atlanta. Fellow prisoners abused him. In the last year of his sentence, he served in the prison clinic and was released in late 1939. After a year of treatment in a Baltimore hospital, he retired to his Florida home. Here he lived the last seven years of his life as a broken man. And, he no longer controlled the mafia

Me, personally, I never knew he suffered from these health conditions. And we’ve never seen this huge crimelord in his last years on films ago.

So this film is focused on his dementia. He starts to imagine persons who are already dead. The movie tries to make us see through his eyes. Some characters are introduced, and you will first believe they’re real, but they’re not.

Honestly, the film can be confusing as you sometimes don’t know what is real or not. Also, I believe director “Josh Trank” intends to make us feel like we have dementia while watching “Capone.” However, it slightly fails at its delivery.

Al Capone doesn’t only have dementia, but also no blatter control. In other words, he has to wear a diaper. Otherwise, he would shit himself.

Tom Hardy Tommy Gun Capone


Gold can be seen everywhere in the film. Try to pay attention to it while watching. It’s high-likely to be a symbolic meaning for Wealth, Greed, Ambition, Self-Centeredness, and Arrogance. All of these characteristics describe how Al Capone was.

Some noticeable stuff with gold is the Golden Tommy Gun, the Caesar Statue, the balloon in gold, etc.

In the movie, he’s also spied on by the feds. Well, if they were real in the first place. They believe that he hid ten million dollars somewhere. Al Capone even referred to it, but also told that he didn’t remember where he hid it. To this day, no money has been found. I have to admit. I was hesitating to go on a treasure hunt.


Capone was going to be the comeback movie of Josh Trank. You may know him from Chronicles or the latest Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, the film received many bad reviews. Josh Trank, on the other hand, loves his movie and is proud of it. And, honestly, I’m not taking that away from him. So good for you, sir!

Capone is a failed attempt to become a top film, but it’s still an okay film. I didn’t dislike the film. Tom Hardy, like Al Capone, was good, although it felt unnatural from time to time.


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