Not everyone knows there is a Quentin Tarantino Film Universe. All of Tarantino movies take place in a shared universe.

I wrote another post with 17 great Fictional Movie Universes, and the Tarantino universe was in it. However, there is too much to cover on this topic as it’s more complicated. There are a lot of small details where we have to pay attention to connect these films.

Furthermore, Quentin Tarantino confirmed that there are indeed two universes among all his films. We have the realer than real universe and the cinematic universe. Most of his movies are in the real universe.

Only a few films take place in his cinematic universe. These are the movies that the character of the real world would see in the theater.

Quentin Tarantino's Movie-In-A-Movie Universe

Quentin Tarantino’s Movie-In-A-Movie Universe / Cinematic Universe

Within the Quentin Tarantino film universe, there is another universe. When the guys of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction go to the movies, they are most likely going for “Kill Bill” or “From Dusk Till Dawn.

Pulp Fiction / Kill Bill

In Pulp Fiction, there was a reference to Kill Bill. At the dinner scene, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) describes a TV pilot closely resembling the plot of Kill Bill, with some minor changes. She was going to be part of that pilot to play the role of “the deadliest woman in the world with a knife.” Does that rings a bell ? Because that resembles her role in Kill Bill, hence the Bride. She outlines four other roles: Elle Driver, O-Ren Ishii, Vernita Green, and Sofia Fatale.

Obviously, the pilot never aired. Instead, I it became a movie.

Earl McGraw - Quentin Tarantino FIlm Universe

Earl McGraw

A southern Texas Ranger, named Earl McGraw (Michael Parks), connects the cinematic universes together. Although he gets killed in Dusk Till Dawn, Earl made appearances in Kill Bill & Death Proof.

Fun Trivia: Quentin Tarantino said that Earl McGraw is a character who can move between the universes. Also, the character’s son is played by his real-life son (James Parks.)

Paula Shultz / Dr. King Shultz

When Uma Thurman’s character, The Bride, has to crawl up from her grave in Kill Bill. There was a tombstone with the name Paula Shultz on it.

Many fans believe this is the passed away wife from Dr. King Shultz (Christopher Waltz) in Django Unchained. However, this creates inconsistency as her death date doesn’t add up. Not to mention that Kill Bill is in the movie universe, and Django Unchained is in the realer than real universe.

Realer than Real Universe

As mentioned before, only a few movies are in Tarantino’s Cinematic Universe. The others are in his Realer than Real Universe. That also includes the films he wrote, because he didn’t direct them all.

He also alternates the historical events in his films. Some are real, and some are made up.

Vic Vega/ Vincent Vega

Vic Vega (Michael Madson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) are brothers. They were both in different movies, as Michael Madson was in Reservoir Dogs and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

At first, Tarantino wanted Michael Madson to play the role in Pulp Fiction, but eventually cast John Travolta for it. That’s when he decided the two were brothers. Initially, Quentin Tarantino had plans to make “The Vega Brothers’ movie, but this project has been abandoned.

English Pete Hicox/ Lt. Archie Hicox

In The Hateful Eight, we get to meet Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth.) However, his real name is English Pete Hicox. This confirms that he’s the great grandfather of Archie Hixoc (Michael Fassbender.) He was the movie critic of Inglorious Basterds.

Crazy Craig Koons / Captain Koons

On a wanted poster in Django Unchained, the name “Crazy Craig Koons’ was written on it. He was part of the Smitty Bacall gang. Although we don’t see him in the movie, he is verified to be an ancestor of Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) from Pulp Fiction.

It looks like they passed on their insanity through generations, as Captain Koons had to hide a watch in his rectum …

Kurt Russel

Many fans speculate that Randy in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the father of stuntman Mike in Deathproof. Kurt Russel plays both characters, but no last name is known for Randy. So these are just speculations.

Lee Donowitz/SGT. Donny Donowitz

In True Romance, Clarence meets a famous movie producer, Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek.) In the Quentin Tarantino film universe, he’s a direct ascendant of Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth,) otherwise known as “The Bear Jew” of Inglorious Basterds.

Seymour Scagnetti/ Jack Scagnetti

In Reservoir Dogs, Vic Vega (Michael Madson) parole officer is Seymour Scagnetti. Also, he said that Seymour is a f**king ass**le.

Moreover, Seymour Scagnetti is apparently related to Jack Scagentti of Natural Born Killers.

Alabama Worley

First, introduced in True Romance, Alabama (Patricia Arquette) was the female lead. She was the prostitute, who Clarence fell in love with.

In an other film, Reservoir Dogs, there’s a reference in a scene where Mr. White got recruited. Watch the clip down below when he’s asked about the whereabouts of Alabama.

The fire in the movie theatre

In Inglorious Basterds, we get to see Hitler and other companions die in a movie theatre while the place is burning down.

Furthermore, in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, there’s a scene where DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton kills nazi’s with a flamethrower in one of his movies. That might suggest that the events of Inglorious Basterds really happened and that this is a movie adaptation of its own historical events within the universe.

Quentin Tarantino Film Universe Red Apple

Tarantino Brands

In most of his films, we get to see brands he made up that exist in his universe. And, honestly, they’re the most famous references in his film making carrier.

Red Apple Cigarettes

From Pulp Fiction to now, Quentin Tarantino introduces a new brand of cigarettes, rather than promoting an existing brand. It’s featured in Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn, Four Rooms, Kill Bill, Romy and Michele’s High School, Reunion, Hateful Eight, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and Planet Terror.

The package is yellow with a red apple on it and a green worm that comes out of the apple. It’s actually a metaphor for lung cancer because the apple may look healthy, but the worms come out of it, implying it’s rotten from the inside.

During the end credits scene of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, DiCaprio’s character shoots an advertisement for Red Apple.

Quentin Tarantino Film Universe Burger

Big Kahuna Burger

We all know that Burger scene from Pulp Fiction where Samuel L. Jackson eats the burger and tell us that it’s one tasty burger! He’s the best burger salesman alive because now I want to taste that burger.

There are many other references for the burgers in other films. Click here to read them all.

Honda Civic Quentin Tarantino Film Universe

Honda Civic

For once, it’s not a made-up brand, but an old white Honda Civic. It’s the car that Butch drives in Pulp Fiction, but there is someone else who drove this car. And that is Jackie Brown.

The white car could even been seen on a parking lot in Kill Bill: Volume 2.

Acuna Boys Tex-Mex Food/ Teriyaki Donut

These are two fictional restaurants in the Quentin Tarantino Film Universe.

The Acuna Boys Tex-Mex Food can be seen in Jackie Brown, but it’s also featured in Death Proof when Arlene is sipping from an Acuna Boys Soda container.

Teriyaki Donut is a restaurant that serves donuts and Japanse food. It’s featured in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.

There are probably more small details I forgot to mention in his universe. I love how Quentin Tarantino connects all his films through these details.

Are there any significant connections I miss? Did some connections surprise you? Leave it in the comment section down below!