Movie Plot – Bloodshot: Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is a re-animated soldier with superpowers by advanced technology.

Director: Dave Wilson
Writers: Jeff Wadlow, Eric Heisserer
Stars: Vin Diesel, Eiza González, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbell, Lamorne Morris

I’m going to divide this review into two parts. One with no spoilers, and where I give my general thoughts about the film. The other one with spoilers. I do this, given that it’s hard to talk about the story without spoiling.

The Non – Spoiler Review Part

Let’s start off by telling you the film is just bad. Which is kind of sad, because they had an exciting premise. The filmmakers had a terrible execution of their ideas.

They were more focused on creating “awesome” fight scenes while still trying to be emotional. With that said, I didn’t care about Vin Diesel’s character, nor the other characters. I like him in the Fast and Furious franchise, but I feel like his acting skills is still like the early 2000’s.

Also, we had some supporting roles like Eiza González and Lamorne Morris. And once again, I felt no connection towards them. The films fail horribly in trying to tell us a good story with some real intrigue.

Oh, and expect a lot of unnecessary slow motions. On top of that, while they’re fighting, they jump from scene to scene in seconds, making it hard to follow. I’m not a hater of slow motions, moments where they want to slow it down to show his regeneration are fine. But, they abused it.

The Spoiler Review Part

Don’t read this if you want to watch the movie and you’re still planning to. Spoilers ahead!

Like I mentioned before, the premise was good, but the execution of it wasn’t. The idea of rewriting his memory to eliminate his next target was great. I honestly didn’t see that one coming. Bloodshot could have been so much more if it was well done. I bet the comics of Bloodshot are awesome, although I would probably never read them.

The movie tries to make us care about KT, too, while we feel no connection to her whatsoever. On top of that, I don’t even know why she turned against her organization. Sure, because it was the right thing to do, but I feel like she barely knew Bloodshot.

Also, the trailer spoiled the last fights for me. It gives away who the villains are and that they’re getting an upgrade. If Bloodshot was good, then I wish they kept it for the film.


I’m disappointed that this movie wasn’t great, because it should have been. Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel has a good premise, but weak execution.


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