Yesterday, 20 May 2020, the news got out that Warner Media’s HBO max will release the Snyder Cut!

The Justice League movie came out in 2017, but Snyder never finished it due to a tragic family incident. Instead, Joss Whedon took over.

Snyder completed the majority of work on “Justice League” in 2016, but stepped away from post-production and editing in light of a family tragedy. Warner Bros. brought in “The Avengers” helmer Joss Whedon to finish the job, and the varying styles of both men led many fans to believe Snyder had envisioned a much darker take on the project.

Report by Variety

Even the actors from the Justice League movie are asking to release the Snyder cut. And I can hear Jason Mamoa loud and clear in the video down below:

Also, they’re maybe going to release the cut in multiple episodes as Quentin Tarantino did with The Hateful Eight on Netflix.

And you know what? This film can become a 4-hour cut or even a 6-hour cut! How crazy is that?

My thoughts

My favorite superhero tv animated shows when I was a kid were: Batman the animated series, X-men, and Justice League. So I was very excited when the first Justice League film came out, but it ended up to be okay-ish.

And okay-ish is not enough for me if it’s a franchise I love. I knew about the switch of directors and the story behind it, and I respect Zack Snyder for stepping back. Honestly, everybody would have done the same. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been for him. And it probably still is.

Now, we’re getting his entire vision on it, anyway! Compared to Joss Whedon, Snyder’s cut is going to be darker. Even the coloring of the film will change to a darker color.

I’m excited about this one, maybe even more than I initially was for the theatrical release. Mostly because Zack Snyder gets more runtime as he doesn’t have to leave out parts. There is more than an hour and a half of footage that we didn’t get to see.

You can compare it to the Batman v Superman theatrical release vs. the Ultimate Cut. Those were two different movies, in my opinion. It’s like the Ultimate Cut was the complete story. So I hope this will be the same for Justice League. Also, some events will be different than the Theatrical release.

Do I think this will be a masterpiece? No, not really, but somewhere I do believe it to be better. Can I be wrong? Absolutely, these are just predictions.

Now let’s wait and find out! What are your thoughts?